Thursday, December 31, 2009

Should old acquaintance......

This will be my last post for 2009. And even though I have the same basic feeling about 2009 as Shannon does, I can't believe it's over already. Lot's of changes this past year. I am so looking forward to 2010. I appreciate everyone who has visited my blog this past year. I wish all of you peace, love, health, and happiness.

Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I love crayons. I love the colors. I still have a box of 64. I love looking at all the colors, my favorites being the different blue shades. I especially love the way crayons smell. It takes me back to my childhood quicker than any other smell or any music can. Not just any crayon though. It has to be a Crayola Crayon. They have a very distinctive pleasant odor.

When I first became a nurse we still had to wear white uniforms. We weren't allowed to wear the cute colorful scrubs that nurses wear today. I tried to be colorful and all matchy-matchy. I always had a hair ribbon, barrette, or tie, with earrings and a purse in the same color. I wore a different color every day. I must have had 25-30 pairs of earrings, "thingies" for my hair and purses. I changed colors every day. These days I'm too lazy to change my earrings every day. GASP! I'll put in a pair and wear them for a couple of weeks. But these days I have a lot better quality of jewelry and don't even worry about whether or not the metal matches any other jewelry I happen to be wearing. I was so organized that on Sunday I would have a week's worth of uniforms and accessories ready for work. I had one of those little purse organizers that made it quick to change purses. Yeah, I'll carry the same bag over and over too. It's funny what is important to you when you're young, and loses importance as you get older.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Boo Hiss LOL

Well, the Saints let the Bucs win yesterday. Quite frankly, I AM disappointed. The Saints should have won that game. Garrett Hartley should have made that 37-yard field-goal. But no one can blame him for the lost game. You play as a team, win as a team and lose as a team.

This week I'll be:
1. knitting
2. listening to the new Adam Lambert CD (Am I the only one who is disappointed he will not be on ABC's New Year's Rockin' Eve?)
3. reading The Vein of Gold: A Journey to Your Creative Heart by Julia Cameron
4. AND waiting for the apple to drop in Times Square!

I'm trying to make a few changes to my blog for the new year. Just a few sutble changes. You'll notice my signature line will be changed due to changing my name. Several of my friends call me Tesla, due to my obsession with Nikola Tesla. So I thought what better way to honor him, and all his contributions to society. (I'll elaborate on him in a later post. I recommend reading Tesla: Man Out of Time by Margaret Cheney.) I think Tesla will better suit the person I have become over the past year. I'll also change my divider to pink lips. I love these lips! LOL It's in honor of my love of make-up and beauty.

Through out the holiday season I've had music on this blog. Now, I LOVE music, as I've posted about in the past. The latest playlist was several versions of Auld Lang Syne I enjoyed. While making the changes on my blog, I would click back and forth testing and it finally just started getting my last nerve, so I just deleted the play list. I'm sure it will be less annoying to the few very nice people who read my blog. Each and every one of you is appreciated very much.

This is the time of year that most people get nostalgic. Thinking back over the past year, remembering the highlights, births, deaths, and other things in the news. I always intensely dislike when the news runs a list of everyone who has died. It's just so very sad. It also reminds me of people who we hold dear in out hearts but no longer have contact with. Co-workers we promised we would keep in touch with when we left the job. Teachers, fellow students etc......

This is also a time when we make resolutions for the new year. I think pretty much all of them are forgotten by March. I rarely make New Year resolutions. I do make goals thought. Some I meet, some I don't. I don't see myself as a failure if I don't meet them. They have nothing to do with my value as a person. I have my 101 Things that I work on a little at a time. Some are long term goals, some are short term goals. Some things are serious, and some are silly and fun. And some will definitely get carried over to my next 101 Things list in 2011. However, I've decided that I am going to make a few specific goals for 2010. They are:

00001. Sew a well fitting white shirt (I LOVE a white shirt with jeans or denim skirt.)
00002. Make a chainmail bracelet (I have several patterns to make a chainmail bracelet, now to decide which one to make.)
00003. Smock a dress for my "Big Girl" doll (I have a small collection of Sew Beautiful magazines I can choose a pattern/design from.)
00004. Make matching aprons for me, my "Big Girl" doll, and AG Molly (I already have the patterns for these, Simplicity 3746.
00005. Start and continue taking yoga classes (I am a member of two gyms. Surely I can get the schedule and attend the classes.)
00006. Find a hairstylist that can cut my hair the way I want it cut (I'll elaborate on this in a later post.)
00007. Make a wardrobe scrapbook (I've actually already started this.)

That should do it. Seven things to do in 12 months. Yeah, I might have enough time. LOL

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Red Hair

I have had a penchant for red hair for almost as long as I can remember. My child hood sweetheart had red hair. Curly red hair. Although he had to keep it cut short, as young men did not have long hair back then. I've dated several men who have had red hair. None of my husbands have had red hair though.

When I was in high school I had red hair for a while, a dark copper penny red. I loved it. I think there were only three or four other people with red hair in my school at that time. But, I quickly got bored and it was time to change. I've had my hair blond, brown, black, and a few un-natural shades like orange (yeah, that was attractive LOL) and blue.

About eleven years ago during my monthly date with my then hairstylist, Quyen, she asked me if I had ever considered coloring my hair. When I said not really. She very tactfully told me I should consider it as I was beginning to get some gray hair. ROFLOL I've had gray hair since I was 19 and my girl friends would try to hold me down and pull them out. But she was right, and we chose a very nice shade of red. Later I decided to let it grow, and began coloring it myself. Then, about a year ago I got my light red butt length hair cut short and changed the color to a nice burgundy, it's official name I Chocolate Cherry ~ Deep Burgundy Brown. It's redder than the picture appears. Most people think I have dark brown hair until it catches fire in the sunlight and then there is no doubt it is RED.

Professor Jonathan Rees conducted a study of redheads at Edinburgh University. He identified the"gene for red hair" the melanocortin 1 receptor (MC1R), found on the 16th chromosome. He found that this single gene was responsible for red hair. It is a genetic mutation, and is seen on the heads of only four percent of people. The highest percentage of natural redheads in the world is in Scotland (13%), (Be still my heart!) followed closely by Ireland with 10%. In the US, about 2% of the population are natural redheads. I read that red hair is likely to die out in the near future. (OH NO!!)

Here are some quotes from a few famous and not so famous redheads:

"Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead." - Lucille Ball

"If you want trouble... find yourself a redhead." - Unknown

"Ruadh gu brath!" - Scots Gaelic for "Red heads forever!"

"You'd find it easier to be bad than good if you had red hair," said Anne reproachfully. "People who haven't red hair don't know what trouble is." -Anne to Marilla in Anne of Green Gables

"Of course, part of the 'problem' with redheads is that there aren't enough of them. They make up just two percent of the population. So they're pretty extraordinary. Redheads are too numerous to be ignored, too rare to be accepted."-Grant McCracken, from his book Big Hair

"It's not just a hair color, it's a state of mind."-Realm of Redheads

I could go on and on (I won't, LOL but don't get me started about the negative moral associations) about red hair, I'll just close with a list of people who, at some time in their lives were redheads. Laura Prepon (one of my favorite actors), Bernadette Peters (I'd love to have HER hair!), Wilma & Pebbles Flintstone, Pippi Longstocking, Cyndi Lauper, Winston Churchill, Lucille Ball, Ronald McDonald, Conan O'Brien, Sarah Ferguson, Anne of Green Gables, Marcia Cross, Susan Sarandon, Raggedy Ann & Andy, Katherine Hepburn, Carol Burnett, Bette Midler, Red Skelton, Rita Hayworth, Nichole Kidman, Molly Ringwald, Ann Margret, Julianne Moore, Princess Fiona from Shrek, Sissy Spacek, Gillian Anderson, Little Orphan Annie, Axl Rose, Jessica Rabbit, Peppermint Patty and The Little redheaded girl (from Peanuts), my BIL Harry and my Aunt Tina.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What's Important

I saw this on another blog and thought I would share it too.

It really does remind us of what is important.


Last year on the first of December I posted the facility I worked at would be closing. This year on December 18th we had a reunion at the local Applebee's. There were about 75 of us. Some we weren't sure where they are currently working, so they didn't receive an invitation. Others were out of town and not able to make it. It was so good to see everyone smiling. You don't always get along with everyone you work with. But all ill feelings were buried in the past. There was no sadness for what no longer is. We reveled in each other's company. We have finally moved on.

"Speaking" of reunions, my Mom always loved to go to family reunions. She loved having family near. Whether it was close or distant relatives. Everybody loved "Aunt Bea and Uncle Jay." Whether it was "blood relatives" or "adopted relatives." They helped several young men when their own parents turned them out. Making sure they had food to eat, clothes to wear, and a place to stay. When I was a teenager all my friends called them "Mom and Dad". And all of my son's friends called them "Granma and Granddaddy." They were and are good people.

Walt and I went for a short drive to look at the Christmas lights. I really enjoy looking at the lights in yards and windows. It seems as though there weren't as many lights this year compared to years past. A couple of years ago, someone had their lights blinking in sync with music. I especially loved that house. You can see videos of this on youtube, but it isn't the same as seeing it in person. We didn't put outside lights up this year. We had to remove the awning from the front of the house, and that is where we put the lights. It would have taken a long time to put up hooks to drape the lights over. So, we'll be working on those throughout the year and be ready next year.

I also enjoy seeing pictures of snow that other bloggers post. I kind of, sort of, miss the snow. I'd love to visit Colorado and go skiing Christmas weekend, throw a few snowballs, make a few snow angels, and then come back home to sweater weather. LOL


I was lucky to have grown up with music in the house. I can remember a few times, as a child, going with my parents to drive my brother someplace so he could work. He played a guitar back then. My brother wasn't even old enough to drive. He started out "playing music" when he was very young. His band would always practice at Mom and Dad's house.

My mom LOVED rock 'n roll. This was back in a time when Elvis was scandalous. She "set a few people straight" when they critized her for letting my brother play rock 'n roll.

They also listened to country music. Real country music. Not the watered down versions that you hear on the radio now. Legends like George Jones, Johnny Cash, back before "The Man in Black" was married to June Carter and she was part of The Carter Sisters and Mother Maybelle. Bobby Helms, Eddy Arnold, Furlin Husky, Hank Locklin, Hank Williams, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jim Reeves, Marty Robbins, Patsy Cline, Ray Price, Sonny James, Webb Pierce. I'm sure you get the picture. I'm just as sure I left out the names of a few other legends too.

Personally, I've always loved cajun and zydeco, blues, jazz, opera, classical, and what I called soul music. James and The Famous Flames. Wilson "Wicked" Pickett. Diana Ross and the Supremes, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, The Four Tops, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, The Temptations, Martha and the Vandellas, Mary Wells, The Marvelettes, Tammi Terrell, The Isley Brothers, Jr. Walker and the All-Stars. I know I've left a lot out here also.

I pretty much have liked every genre of music I have ever heard. As I say "from Ambient to Zydeco". I couldn't imagine living in a silent world without music.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I LOVE watching Torchwood. I haven't watched Dr. Who in years and I recently found out that it's a spinoff. I wish I had made more of an effort to watch Dr. Who now. I spent last Sunday watching some Torchwood episodes I had recorded earlier. I never tire of watching it, even episodes I've already seen. Three of the members of Torchwood have died. Tosh and Owen, I believe died at the end of season two. I will miss them when the new season starts. Ianto died during the "Children of Earth" five day mini-series, and I'm hoping that the character will be able to come back.

Outside the Government
Beyond the Police
Tracking down alien life on earth and arming the human race against the future. The 21st century is when everything changes and you've gotta be ready.

I have wanted to make a chenille scarf ever since I saw one on a Sewing With Nancy episode. I bought the fabric a few months ago. It has sat in my "stash container" since then. (I have about 45-40 yards of fabric in my stash. Very small compared to some sew-ists.) I decided that I would cut out the scarf and have everything ready to sew tomorrow. I was pinning the layers together when I found that I didn't have enough fabric. It called for a yard and a quarter of 45 inch fabric. Which I had. Fortunately, I bought extra fabric. Tomorrow I will cut enough to complete the two layers I'm short on and start sewing.

A Place To Bark

You'll notice the first thing on my side bar is a widget with information regarding A Place To Bark. Bernie Berlin is one of the most amazing women I have ever "known". (I have not met her in person but I follow her blog A Place to Bark...and Meow.)

She is a talented artist and author. I bought her book, Artist Trading Card Workshop: Create, Collect, Swap, and love it.

Please read her blog post dated November 29, 2009 regarding donations that will be matched by the "Zolene Foundation". Then go and make a donation. As little or as much as you can. Every dollar will go to improve the life of an innocent creature. One that has been abandoned and/or abused. I have made several donations over the past couple of years.

After reading her blog and seeing the pictures of the animals she is helping, how can you not donate even just a few dollars?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Football and other Ramblings

My Saints lost to the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday night. It was inevitable that they would lose sooner or later. I’m not upset. They have a record that any NFL team can be proud of. Next game is against the Bucs. Whose record is 1-13. The Saints have already beat them once this season. Just sayin'.

I'm having a bit of trouble with my camera and haven't been able to post the pictures of the project I made for my aroma therapy class. I'll post them as soon as I can.

Back on the 5th of this month I posted about some changes I was going to make. Well, as I usually do, I have changed my mind about some of them. I did go on a diet, but, I didn't go back to Weight Watchers. WW is a great eating plan, but I didn't think I could do it just yet. I decided to go on a low carb diet for a while. As of Monday the 7th I have lost 16 pounds. I haven't had any grains, ie bread, flour potatoes, no starches. I have tried to eat healthy fats also. And....I have had minimal to no arthritic pain since then. I feel like I'm slowly getting back to my old self. I haven't been to either gym, but I am riding my stationary bicycle each day.

I still haven't been sewing, but, I have been knitting and crocheting. Slowly. I'm just now learning how to decrease on one of the scarves I'm making. I have some knitting shows on the DVR and watch them as the mood strikes. I have a list of projects on Ravelry. There are a few things on Knitty I want to knit too. I hope to complete at least one of my projects by the 31st. Some knitters can really crank out the projects. That wouldn't be me and I'll probably never be a fast knitter, but it's something I really enjoy.

This week I'll be:
1. knitting
2. listening to Christmas music
3. reading How To Read a French Fry and Other Stories of Intriguing Kitchen Science by Russ Parsons
4. AND waiting for Santa!

My Mother's favorite Christmas song was "Little Drummer Boy". She loved to sing along with it when it came on the radio. I'm gonna miss spending Christmas with her. It was her favorite time of the year, and mine too. I love shopping, especially at Christmas, even with all the crowds. I did the last of my shopping today. This is the latest I've ever done my shopping. How is your shopping? Almost finished? Or waiting until the last minute? Only four more days til Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Gifts

Every year my husband and I post a list on the fridge door of things we would like Santa to bring us for Christmas. Some times I put really expensive things such as a car, and sometimes I put really inexpensive things such as alcohol inks. I would rather get something I really wanted that costs .05¢ rather than something I didn’t want that costs $500.00. Here is my Christmas list this year:

1. Tripod
2. American Girl Molly Skating Outfit, skates and muffs
3. Molly sweater and skirt
4. MAC brushes 217 or 242 or 226 or 214 or 231
5. MAC Painterly Paint Pot
6. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion-purple bottle
7. Joann Fabrics gift card
8. Pilates lessons
9. MAC Pro Palette Eye Shadow x 15
10. MAC Pro Palette Blush x 4

As you can see I'm really into make-up this year. LOL

I also have a list of books and Santa usually brings me three or four of them:

The Perfect Pajama by Kristina Nilsson and Jennifer Pirtle
Makeup Makeovers: Expert Secrets for Stunning Transformations by Robert Jones
Simply Amazing Quilted Photography by Tammie Bowser
Vein of Gold by Julia Cameron
Mary Frances Knitting and Crocheting Book: Or Adventures Among the Knitting People by Jane Eayre Fryer
Chakra Clearing (Book & CD) by Doreen Virtue
Knitting on the Edge: Ribs, Ruffles, Lace, Fringes, Floral, Points & Picots: The Essential Collection of 350 Decorative Borders by Nicky Epstein
Crocheting on the Edge: Ribs & Bobbles*Ruffles*Flora*Fringes*Points & Scallops by Nicky Epstein
Story-book Crochet by Sally Ann Gronsand
Faux Surfaces in Polymer Clay: 30 Techniques & Projects That Imitate Stones, Metals, Wood & More by Irene Semanchuk Dean
Hardware Hacking Projects for Geeks by Scott Fullam
Saturday Night Hat: Quick, Easy Hatmaking for the Downtown Girl by Eugenia Kim

What's on YOUR Christmas Wish List?

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Who Dat? Not the Falcons. Next!? 13-0! Geaux Saints!

Lots of things happening, I'll download pics and post about them tomorrow!

Saturday, December 05, 2009


Yesterday. Last evening, really. I didn't post because I spent the few minutes it would take to type a blog post, knitting. I didn't have much to say either. I wasn't going to do another two line post that tells of my newest cast on, or how much I was loving the scarf, just so I could say I did a post every day in December. I will keep the NaBloPoMo badge on the side bar to remind me I need to follow through though.

The weather here in St. Pete today is much cooler, and it's raining. I rarely wear jackets or sweaters, and I haven't owned a winter coat since I moved here from north Georgia in 1980. I don't miss having to put on a coat just to walk down to the mailbox. I do, however, miss looking stylish in a new coat, scarf, and gloves. I still have a couple of coat and jacket patterns on my to do list: Vogue 1129, a trench coat that I don't see on the Simplicity site at this time, and a cardi-wrap. And after glancing at the sites, I see a couple more patterns I want to put on my list, McCall's 5937 and McCall's 5815. I don't check out the new patterns the way I used to. I'm going to spend some time perusing the websites of the "big four" pattern companies later.

These days I'm really slow in my knitting and my sewing. I have a purse half done. I have the fabric and pattern laid out for the cardi-wrap, but haven't actually cut it out or started sewing it yet. I've blogged several times about the SWAP I wanted to participate in a couple of years ago. It was the reason I started this blog. I have the patterns, and most of the fabric I want to use. But, haven't started to sew anything.

Part of it, is just because I don't have any energy. There is some depression here, and I think that is because of my weight, my back pain, and stress. A vicious circle. I also believe that it is up to me to do something about it since I have named the problems. I need to own them and do something about them. Is this TMI? Maybe. But, I need to do something to change my life.

I'm a big believer in self improvement. (I love reading self improvement books, using one thing from this one, and another thing from another one.) So, here is a list of things I'm going to do (and it may change as time goes on, but at least it's a start.) I'm going to start going back to Weight Watchers, I'm going back to this gym and this gym. (Yes, I have a membership in both, and haven't been using them.) Some things I like about one and some things I like about the other. Maybe this will motivate Walt to start going again too. When I get medical insurance I'll go to my doctor and get the usual lab work, x-rays, etc..done. I'll also address depression and arthritic pain with him. Until then, I'll continue to take Tylenol, which does give me some relief from the back pain.

I also believe that I need to do something creative everyday, sewing, knitting, crocheting, altered art, etc... And I haven't been doing that until recently. So, I'm going to continue knitting, but I'm going to sew every day, even if it is just one seam.

I will be posting about my diet, workout, knitting, sewing, and other artistic endeavor until I have made all these a habit again. And this time I won't stop. It isn't how many times you fall, it's how many times you get up. So starting on Monday, I will be embarking on my self improvement program. This will give me time to write out menus, go shopping for food, get a workout class schedule from both Lifestyle Fitness and Shapes to determine which classes I want to attend, and get a new Weight Watcher's meeting schedule.

Wish me luck! LOL

My greatest point is my persistence. I never give up in a match.
However down I am, I fight until the last ball. My list of matches shows
that I have turned a great many so-called irretrievable defeats into

Bjorn Borg
(1956-, Swedish Tennis Player)

Thursday, December 03, 2009

We're for Dogs

We're for dogs. Some people are for the whales. Some are for the trees. We're for dogs. The big ones and the little ones. The guardians and the comedians. The pure breeds and the mutts. We're for walks, runs, and romps. Digging, scratching, sniffing, and fetching. We're for dog parks, dog doors, and dog days. And if there were an international holiday for dogs, on which all dogs were universally recognized for their contribution to the quality of life on earth, we'd be for that too. Because we're for dogs/ And we've spent over sixty years working to make them as happy as they've made us.

The above quote came directly from the case of Pedigree dog food. It pretty sums up how I feel about dogs. My boys are as much a part of my family as any human member is, and they bring me a lot more happiness than most of the humans.

Tiger Woods. He had an accident, no one was hurt. Why is the media still hounding this man? So what if he had an affair? Is it any of our business? I think not. I think it is between him and his wife. So, why is it being discussed so much?

Today I worked on my project for the aroma therapy class. I'm making an air freshener, a body scrub, and bath salts. It's going to be in a Christmas themed basket. I had a hard time finding a basket. The only reason I chose this one is because it's the closest to the size I wanted. I had a hard time trying to get colors, scents, and a theme for this project. I hope to have it finished to take to school on Monday. I'll post pics later.

I'm loving the gathered scarf I started yesterday. I hope I can get it finished by the end of the year. I want to get the cardi-wrap finished ASAP also. I need to find an easier way to keep count of the number of loops on the hairpin tool. I need app 1000 loops for the longest strip. The others are smaller. I think I have about 800. I'll try to work on it over the weekend.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A new scarf

I've spent most of the evening casting on and knitting a new scarf pattern. I put it in my queue on Ravelry, a year ago tomorrow. It's called a gathered scarf and more info can be found here. I'm finding that making scarves is allowing me to learn new stitches that I will, hopefully, be able to use in making sweaters or tops. Sooo....I'm off to work some more on this scarf! Good night all!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

It's Tuesday!

Threads magazine is having a give-a-way for a book named The Perfect Pajama. I LOVE pajamas. I have ideas for about 20 pairs of pj's rattling around in my head. I'm gonna put this book on my Christmas list!

I didn't complete NaBloPoMo. I missed blogging on the 29th due to not feeling well and forgetting to blog. I'm gonna try it again this month.

Sheila, on her blog Ephemera, asked other bloggers to blog about their tattoos and link back to her blog. are pics of three of my four. The shedevil is on my upper left thigh, the sunset is just above my right knee, the rose is next to my right clavicle. The rose is over 25 years old. The others are at least 20 years old. I have a shooting star on my left breast that I do not have a pic of. I will be getting a few more tats in the next year so so. I want a vine with my son's name (Michael) on the leaves, a celtic knot on my lower back, a fleur de lis (go Saints! LOL) on my right ankle, and maybe a couple more, I'm not sure of the design yet.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Who dat? Drew dat

38-17     11-0
Way to go Saints!!!

: (

I missed posting last evening. I just didn't feel well and I forgot to. I even forgot to post a draft I had composed earlier. So, I'll just have to try again next month.

I started the Crochet Soft Wave Throw. I can't remember how to do half double crochets, double crochets, triple crochets, etc, so I have to look up how to do them in my Crochet for Dummies book. I had hoped to have it done by the end of the year, but as slow as I am, I doubt that I will be half way done. I'm also working on the Irish Hiking Scarf. I should probably focus on it and get it done first. I also have the Stitch Diva's Hairpin Lace Cardi Wrap in progress too. I started it much earlier this year.

I've seen the "Happy California Cow" commercial on TV several times. Apparently you can vote for the next "Happy Cow". I went to the website, and cast a vote for Soo because she's got SEOUL!!! Calipornia Calipornia Hey! How cute! LOL

The Saints are playing the Patriots tonight. I'm gonna go get some snacks and watch the rest of the game. GO SAINTS!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I love a quiet Saturday

Earlier today I watched The Thin Man made in 1934, on TCM. Not so much for the movie itself, but to see the clothes the characters were wearing. Although the 1940's is my favorite decade for clothes. The clothes from the 1930's were quite lovely. And I loved seeing the way the homes were decorated also.

I completed the Dream Swatch Head-wrap/Scarf Thingie and finished reading Duma Key. I'm working on my Irish Hiking Scarf tonight and will begin the Crochet Soft Wave Throw tomorrow.

Friday, November 27, 2009


I am so glad it's Friday. I don't have to go to class today and am taking another day to just read and knit. I'm hoping to finish reading Duma Key and knitting the Dream Swatch Head-wrap/Scarf Thingie. If I am able to get it completed, I'm going to start on the Crochet Soft Wave Throw, from Knit and Crochet Today, Season Two, Show 219. And the book I'll be finishing up is The Triumph of Individual Style. I'm hoping to get a couple more books from my summer reading list done by the end of the year.

Isn't this the cutest?

Kingsford Goes to the Beach - The funniest home videos are here

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A quiet day

Today was very quiet. Walt and I had a late Thanksgiving dinner. I spent most of the day reading and knitting. He fixed the dinner except for the fruit salad. I made that while he was cooking.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I did it!

I got all my hours! I was only going to stay 3-4 hours at class today. When I woke up my back "was killing" me. The only reason I went in was because a client was scheduled for a hot stone facial and I was the only student esthetician that could do it. The others haven't learned about them yet. That client changed her mind and got a "Holistic" facial. But I digress. Anyway, after cancellations and juggling the clients on the books, I had to do a client that didn't come in until 4 o'clock. I didn't leave until 5:30. That gave me the hours I needed. Still need some services, but I got the hours in! LOL

I didn't take a lunch break, so I was starving when I left school. Walt and I went to Stone Soup Cafe, and, since it was Wednesday, I had my favorite curry chicken salad sandwich. We came home, I watched The Biggest Loser: Where are They Now? I love that show, and I LOVE Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels.

I'm so exhausted. Going to bed early and get some rest. Thanksgiving will be quiet here. Walt and I will cook and have an early dinner. Looking forward to the dinner and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I have about 7 more hours left in this class to get all my hours. I might be able to get them in tomorrow. But there is still the issue of getting the rest of my services. I was supposed to do a back and a lower leg wax today, but both the clients canceled. I have a galvanic scheduled for next Tuesday. I think the nail class is starting the first week of December, so there is still time for me to get my services and be ready for the nail class.

I haven't seen who won Dancing With the Stars, so I'm going to zip through the recording in a minute. Whitney Houston is singing now and looks good considering the things she has gone through in the past few years. The only thing I'm really interested in is seeing who won. Even though I'm a huge fan of Kelly Osbourne, I hope Donny Osmond wins. I was watching The Biggest Loser "live" while it was on. I was saddened to see that Allen wasn't going to be in the final four. I don't have one favorite that I hope wins though. All of the people on the ranch this season were a lot nicer than the season with Vicky and Heba, a couple of seasons ago.

Well, I'm off to see who wins DWTS! Good night all!

Monday, November 23, 2009


I have a huge stack of magazines I need to read, Quilting Arts, Threads (two of them), Facts & Findings, and I got an Allure and my Burda today. I'm gonna spent the next couple of hours listening to Dancing With the Stars and reading my magazines.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Last Thursday I posted that this blog was initially started to share my sewing with a sewing sister (not a birth sister, but you know what I mean). It quickly changed to include my rants and raves and ramblings. I still sew, although not very often. Various things, including my job, family, class, health etc...have prevented me from sewing. I know I could accomplish a lot in just 5-10 minutes each day. I have my machines set up in a permanent sewing area in the Florida room. But I don't want to sew when I'm not at my best mentally and physically. I would make mistakes and have to rip apart seams and re-sew them. I'd rather just wait until my sewing mojo comes back. Which will be soon I hope, as I have a couple of items that have been waiting months for me to complete. One of which is the gorgeous Amy Butler Kimberly bag. I basically just have to sew the bottom on it, and it will be finished.

Walt and I have been putting out seeds for the cardinals for the past 3-4 years. One or more will come to the orange tree in the back yard and chirp until someone comes out and gives them seeds. Occasionally on the weekends, when I sleep in, ( I kid you not) one of them will sit on the tree next to my bedroom and chirp until I get up and go to the back door and put out seeds.

My Mom used to love to watch and listen to cardinals when I was younger. She has a couple of ceramic ones that sat on the living room window sill. One Saturday, while we were watching TV, one of them fell off. Mon wondered aloud "Why did it fall?" We looked behind the sheers and there was a huge black snake moving along the sill. My Mom was deathly afraid of snakes, and she wouldn't let me touch it even though it was a harmless black snake. So, we called my Dad and he came in and grabbed it and took it outdoors. A little excitement to break up a boring TV show. LOL

We have several species of animals here in our back yard, wild animals...racoons, the occasional black snake, squirrels, different birds ie...cardinals, doves, blue jays, and lets not forget my two wild boys, Pongo and Buddy. LOL I never thought I'd say this, because I love living in the city, but, I'd love to live on a farm again and have chickens, cattle, and ducks, etc...

On Friday the 13 I posted about Miss Snickers and the call for love, prayers, and doggie zen to be sent her way. She put up a gallant fight, but this morning she went to the bridge. My heart goes out to her family and friends. It's so difficult to lose a member of the family.