Sunday, June 06, 2010


I LOVE to shop! I don't go very often these days because I get muscle spasms in my back when I walk more than a few feet. But yesterday I was feeling ambitious so Walt took me to Payless to get a pair of sandals? booties? I had seen a couple of months ago. Usually I procrastinate getting something and then it's either a rectal irritation to find or I miss out. Luckily, they had the pair in the color and size that I wanted.

I couldn't find a picture of the ones I actually got, which are the tan ones. So cute! I didn't think I would like shoes like this when I first saw them. But I changed my mind when I saw how cute they are on.
And because it was BOGO I got a second pair of sandals. I think these will look nice with a maxi dress.

I still get physical therapy twice a week for my left arm and my back. My arm is much better, my back not so much. I see my orthopod on Tuesday. I should be able to finish up my nail class in the next week or so. Then I need to go back to work. Hopefully I can go back to the nursing facility I worked at for a few weeks earlier this year.

The little Girl is still rough housing with Buddy almost non-stop. He gets a little tired of it after a while and gets crabby with her. We separate them and put up a safety gate just so he can get some rest! I still miss Pongo so much. But at least I can now look at his pictures without crying.