Thursday, December 03, 2009

We're for Dogs

We're for dogs. Some people are for the whales. Some are for the trees. We're for dogs. The big ones and the little ones. The guardians and the comedians. The pure breeds and the mutts. We're for walks, runs, and romps. Digging, scratching, sniffing, and fetching. We're for dog parks, dog doors, and dog days. And if there were an international holiday for dogs, on which all dogs were universally recognized for their contribution to the quality of life on earth, we'd be for that too. Because we're for dogs/ And we've spent over sixty years working to make them as happy as they've made us.

The above quote came directly from the case of Pedigree dog food. It pretty sums up how I feel about dogs. My boys are as much a part of my family as any human member is, and they bring me a lot more happiness than most of the humans.

Tiger Woods. He had an accident, no one was hurt. Why is the media still hounding this man? So what if he had an affair? Is it any of our business? I think not. I think it is between him and his wife. So, why is it being discussed so much?

Today I worked on my project for the aroma therapy class. I'm making an air freshener, a body scrub, and bath salts. It's going to be in a Christmas themed basket. I had a hard time finding a basket. The only reason I chose this one is because it's the closest to the size I wanted. I had a hard time trying to get colors, scents, and a theme for this project. I hope to have it finished to take to school on Monday. I'll post pics later.

I'm loving the gathered scarf I started yesterday. I hope I can get it finished by the end of the year. I want to get the cardi-wrap finished ASAP also. I need to find an easier way to keep count of the number of loops on the hairpin tool. I need app 1000 loops for the longest strip. The others are smaller. I think I have about 800. I'll try to work on it over the weekend.

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