Saturday, April 28, 2007

My Saturday so far

I got to my Weight Watchers meeting early this morning and got my favorite seat. LOL
I felt really good because I met my 25 pound goal this week. I had hoped to make it two weeks ago but maintained, then I gained .6 last week. This week I'm down 2.4 woo hoo!
Afterwards I went to Joann's Fabrics (didn't have much time, I had an appointment with an optometrist). They had Simplicity patterns on sale for 1.99, but I couldn't find the ones I wanted in my size. Then I couldn't find the things I needed to complete my bracelet. (I got the beads from Fire Mountain Gems earlier in the week.) I'm just gonna send them another order and maybe I can make it next week. I just felt like doing something crafty this weekend.
I watched the Dr. Keith Ablowshow Friday. The subject was "Inside The Minds Of Female Body Builders". They have inspired me to get involved again. Back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth I was very involved in the lifestyle. I admired (and still do) Nicole Bass and Chyna (before her life started going downhill). There are numerous female bodybuilders that I admired, Kay Baxter, Kike Eloma, Lyn Conkwright, Georgia Miller Fudge, and Bev Francis. I know there are a lot more I can't remember. I didn't want to get as big as the ladies who competed in Ms. Olympia, but I liked the fact that when I "made a muscle" people took notice. So, on Monday morning it's off to the gym.
I finally finished another book from my 2006 Summer Reading List (see side bar). I have several of them started. I keep one in the truck and one in the car, and one next to my bed. I also read several magazines (one of the 101 things is to get caught up on reading them). I spend most of my reading time reading texts and studying for class. And of course, I spend time here on the pc reading blogs and doing research for class.
I still haven't taken pictures of Hannah, the lawn goose. I'm not sure yet where she is going to be placed. And she still doesn't have any clothes.

Friday, April 20, 2007


It was on April 20, 2006 that I began my blogging career. I spoke of SWAP on my very first post. A lot of things have changed since I started.

I have left my job and am attending classed for a new career. I've lost 25 pounds (actually 24.6, but who's counting?)
I'm in process of finding the me I thought I had lost a long time ago. But I won't go into a long monologue on the past.

In Thursday night's class I found out that the paralegal course will be over on Monday or Tuesday July 23rd or 24th. We had been told it would be over the first of October. I was looking forward to having the whole summer off. I had planned to lose a bit more weight before I started sewing my fabulous new wardrobe, spend some time doing crafts, working on my 101 Things and spending time at the gym and the beach. Oh well! At least I'll be working and not living off savings.

I did another digital scrapbook page. I didn't put pictures on it, just "elements". Whatever that means. LOL I've a lot to learn about composition. It's a lot of fun though, mixing and matching the elements. I think it's a lot less expensive working digital than with real paper, inks and so forth. Although, I want to do that also. I still have altered books, greetings cards, ATC (artist trading cards) etc on my list of things to do.

On a positive note, I got the call from Art Stone Co. telling me that my lawn goose was ready to be picked up. She was picked up and brought home. I was going to take a couple of pics of her, but the batteries had died. I have them charging now and will take some tomorrow. She's very pretty. For some reason, I thought she would have a cartoonish face. It's quite feminine and the man who painted her even put eye lashes! LOL I can hardly wait to dress her!

Tomorrow I have to go to my Weight Watchers meeting. I had hoped to get to goal by the time classes were over with, but with a July end date. I know I won't be able to make it. I would however, like to lose another 20 pounds by then. We'll see.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Making Soap

After my Weight Watchers meeting this morning, (I maintained, it's better than gaining!)I went to Central Art Supply. I browsed for a while then saw some very pretty orgami paper. I got a pack of wavy striped papers. I have been doing some simple origami, but I figured I could use the papers for digital scrapping or for some greeting cards I'm planning on making later. I will be returning to that store with list in hand to get water color pencils, gesso and numerous other things for altered art.

I have to admit that I went to Tijuana Flats for lunch. The food there is amazing and I love the hot sauces. I especially like the one called "Slap My Sweet Ass and Call Me Sally." It's a sweet not hot sauce and I like to have it with the chimichanga. Yes, I blow all of my weekly points here. But, it's THAT GOOD! I don't mind not having the extra points during the week.

When I got home, I got out the kit for soap making and got started on that. Here is a pic of the items in the kit.

It didn't take very long. It was a learning experience.

Here are the soaps in the mold.

I think they came out rather nicely considering it's my first time.
Here are pics of the liquid soap and the bars wrapped in clear plastic.

Things I need to do differently next time. I think I left them in the mold too long because they were very difficult to get out. I also had a lot of bubbles on two of the bars, maybe I poured them too fast? And I need to remember that the bottom of the mold is the top of the soap and place the flowers or whatever appropriately. All in all I had a nice time and will definitely be doing it again with other materials, additives, fragrances, colors and packaging.

Number 80 on my 101 Things list is half completed. I need to make bath bombs in order to be able to completely check it off as completed.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Today's shopping trip

I had an appointment with my chiropractor this morning, so I thought I would do some shopping afterwards.

First stop was at Joann's Fabrics. I used a 40% off coupon and got a soap making kit. I'm usually at a loss as to what I need to start a new hobby. What the basics would be, so to speak. This is something I have wanted to do for a while and is on my list of 101 Things. I'm going to get the Embossed Soap Bar Making Kit also. I'm looking forward to making soaps with different colors and fragrances and packaging them in pretty packages.

Next stop was at Art Stone Co. Inc. I have wanted a lawn goose for some time now. She was chosen and is waiting to be painted. Nothing special, just the usual goose colors. I'll be looking for patterns to make her clothes. Raincoat, apron, dress, swimsuit......LOL

Last shop was at Sam's Club. Where I got a few groceries and a book named The Secret. I have wanted to read this book since I saw Oprah's show about it. Many people have said it changed their lives. A personal friend called it very powerful and recommended it. So, I would have gotten it even if I had not seen it on her show.

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

I found this on Hanna's blog. I like little questionares like this.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Fire Mountain Gems

This afternoon as I was getting ready to go to class someone knocked on the front door. I peeked out the window and saw that it was Fed-Ex. Since Walt was expecting a package I asked him to go to the door. When he came back into the living room, he told me it was for me. It was from Fire Mountain Gems. hmmmmmm......I haven't ordered from them in a while. What could it be? I opened the package and there was a catalog and.....a package of G-S Hypo Cement. There was also a very nice note from Marlynn. In it she stated she had read my blog entry where I spoke of having problems with my bracelet and sent me the cement to fix it. How cool is that??!!

I have been a customer of Fire Mountain Gems in the past, and received very good service. After this you can believe that I will be a customer again, and again, and again! Since I have exams in my next two classes and need to spend spare time studying, I'll get my order in on Thursday for the delicas to make the tiger amulet bag and beads to make a bracelet.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter everyone!

Easter dinner here is going to consist of a crockpot roast. Walt stuck it in the crock pot this morning. We'll probably have chocolate pudding with Cool-Whip for dessert. We usually get a HoneyBaked ham. But, decided against it this Easter.

I didn't get up until almost noon. I had gyros and tzatziki last night for dinner and it upset my stomach. Major heartburn about 4ish, after going to sleep about 3ish. So I didn't really get much sleep until after 6.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I finally got the badge from Flickr to work. And while I was at it, I got one from Stylehive and PictureTrail. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!

OK. I've spent entirely too much time on this computer and not enough time doing other things. 101 type things. knitting type things. sewing type things.

Each day I have been putting 10 CDs in their crystal cases along with the front and back "covers". A couple of years ago, in my infinite wisdom, I decided that it would be nice to keep all my CDs alphabetized in a nice binder type holder. I didn't realize what a pain in the rectum it would be when I got new ones and had to move them all to keep them in order. What is taking so long getting them back together is the box I was storing the cover art in got dropped and they aren't in order anymore.

I joined a sew along on Sew I Knit!. We are going to be sewing items related to knitting. Totes, storage for needles etc. I'm going Saturday to get the supplies. I got this pattern a couple of weeks ago when Joann's Fabrics had a sale on Butterick patterns.

I keep seeing things that I like, that I appreciate, things that make me happy, (other than the obvious, family, friends and being healthy) and think I should make a journal or listing of just those things.

In the stylehive badge you can see a skinny model wearing dresses that are, well, not my style, but I love the two bags, and apparently you have to "take" the dresses to get the bags on the badge. I love the bags though, and the jewelry.

I went to typepad on Tuesday night and signed up for a free trial of their blog. I had almost given up on getting the badges to work here. I really didn't like typepad though. I had already made up my mind to cancel the free trial and stay here. Even if I could not get the badges to work. I like the look of these blogs. Actually I liked almost everything about them. And now, I LOVE how my badges work! LOL

The badge from Flickr will be used primarily for sewing and knitting pics and the picturetrail badge will be used for my dolls and family. I don't know if Webshots has one or not. I do have a lot of pics posted there. The link is on my side bar,