Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Last year on the first of December I posted the facility I worked at would be closing. This year on December 18th we had a reunion at the local Applebee's. There were about 75 of us. Some we weren't sure where they are currently working, so they didn't receive an invitation. Others were out of town and not able to make it. It was so good to see everyone smiling. You don't always get along with everyone you work with. But all ill feelings were buried in the past. There was no sadness for what no longer is. We reveled in each other's company. We have finally moved on.

"Speaking" of reunions, my Mom always loved to go to family reunions. She loved having family near. Whether it was close or distant relatives. Everybody loved "Aunt Bea and Uncle Jay." Whether it was "blood relatives" or "adopted relatives." They helped several young men when their own parents turned them out. Making sure they had food to eat, clothes to wear, and a place to stay. When I was a teenager all my friends called them "Mom and Dad". And all of my son's friends called them "Granma and Granddaddy." They were and are good people.

Walt and I went for a short drive to look at the Christmas lights. I really enjoy looking at the lights in yards and windows. It seems as though there weren't as many lights this year compared to years past. A couple of years ago, someone had their lights blinking in sync with music. I especially loved that house. You can see videos of this on youtube, but it isn't the same as seeing it in person. We didn't put outside lights up this year. We had to remove the awning from the front of the house, and that is where we put the lights. It would have taken a long time to put up hooks to drape the lights over. So, we'll be working on those throughout the year and be ready next year.

I also enjoy seeing pictures of snow that other bloggers post. I kind of, sort of, miss the snow. I'd love to visit Colorado and go skiing Christmas weekend, throw a few snowballs, make a few snow angels, and then come back home to sweater weather. LOL

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