Tuesday, October 23, 2012

So many things

have happened since I last posted. My husband was extremely ill and nearly died. He was in the hospital and then a nursing home for a while. He is doing better, but, recovery will be long and difficult. I have taken over every chore that is required to run a household. All he is required to do is to eat, test his blood sugar, take his meds, exercise, rest and get stronger. We have truly been blessed and I give thanks every day.

I hope to be back blogging routinely and doing more of the things I enjoy soon. It's my favorite time of the year, Halloween will be here soon. It is our anniversary too! We have plans to go to Bern's Steakhouse with some long time friends. Not a lot of decorating being done this year. Just a few things placed in the house and I put the Grim Reaper jack-o'-lantern out yesterday.

More soon!

Sunday, April 08, 2012


My Mac and my pc both died about the same time. I can't boot up the Mac, and it tells me my disc is contaminated. I have tons of files on it that I was trying to get backed up. I'd hate to loose all of them. (sigh) I was able to back up the pc. Sooooo...now I have a new inexpensive pc. I just need to be able to work on Word and Excel docs and access the Internet. So I don't need a hi tech pc any more.

101 Things:
Some things I will post pictures of, a lot of things I will just post links to.
25. Re-start Weight Watchers
60. Dye my hair red again
102. Make at least one thing per month from Pinterest…

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Short and Sweet

I haven't been posting, but I have been working on my 101 Things.  I'll post links and pictures about what I've been doing as soon as I can.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Superbowl Sunday

I'm not going to watch the game this year,  Just not up to it, and I don't really care who wins. Still recovering from my surgery.

I've been working on my 101 Things in 1001 Days list and have finally completed it.  Some things are carried over from my last list.  I didn't complete everything, but I'm not stressing about it.  Somethings I didn't get done didn't get carried over, but might be added to a later 101 Things.  I'll be referencing to it on my other blog, updating as I make progress, and setting up a plan to complete each item.  So.....here is my new list...

1. Get my RN license

2. SWAP storyboard/lookbook to fill the gaps in my wardrobe

3. Make a bib, because, even though I’m an adult, apparently I can’t eat food without spilling some on myself.

4. Make at least one thing per month from Pinterest…to be listed later.

5. Decorating the yard for Halloween this year

6. Make Amy Butler’s Bloom quilt

7. Go to Guavaween this year

8. Create an original art self portrait

9. Completely fill a Pandora bracelet

10. Make five soups from scratch

11. Make my own ATC greetings cards

12. Learn to swim

13. Make a travel/protection charm for the car

14. Design a wardrobe for each decade from the 1920s through 2010 for Molly, make patterns, and sew as many pieces as possible.

15. Make a bed for Molly

16. Hook a bath mat from jersey

17. Have a full spa day

18. Go to an opera

19. Start a gratitude journal

20. Listen to 26 bands I’ve never heard of, each starting with a different letter of the alphabet

21. Start a small vegetable/herb garden from seeds, use in recipes

22. Paint the hallway - yellow with purple trim

23. Read the Bible, from beginning to end-in progress

24. Find my signature cupcake recipe

25. Help pay for a rescue animal’s medical bills

26. Organize my photos

27. Read my height in books

28. Go to see Swan Lake

29. Celebrate the spring and autumn equinox

30. Design 4 tattoos & have them done, a vine with flowers and Mike’s name on the blooms, Celtic knot, in emerald green, and two others, I’m not sure of yet

31. Dress form/duct tape double-after weight loss?? date

32. Make at least one altered book

33. Choose 10 countries and read a book by an author from each

34. Build a robot kit

35. Learn how to make Tiramisu

36. Sew 5 scrub tops

37. Buy a new window box and plant wildflowers in it

38. Make quilted piece for hall doorway

39. Buy a fondue pot and use at least once a month

40. Teach myself sign language

41. Learn to salsa dance

42. Grow an herb garden

43. Braid a rug for the kitchen in front of the sink

44. Study and research Buddhism

45. Learn how to do 10 one-armed push-ups in a row

46. Dye my hair red again

47. Go to a crochet/knitting group

48. Be so flexible I can do a split-again

49. Identify 101 things that bring me joy

50. Go through my Photoshop manual and learn 10 cool tricks

51. Build up a 3 month emergency fund in savings

52. Go to see a play/musical/ballet

53. Knit socks

54. Make a bra and panty set

55. Learn Pilates

56. Buy/learn to use portable GPS

57. Geocache/Go geocaching at least 6 times before last 101 Day

58. Get better acquainted with all the bells and whistles on my digital camera

59. Make bears/bear clothes

60. Build a 1/12 scale miniature house, and begin to furnish it

61. Take my vitamins every day for a month

62. Retire the old family decorations and make a collection of handmade ornaments for the Christmas tree

63. Have professional photo taken

64. Build a cigar box purse

65. Re-learn to read music

66. Re-learn to play the keyboard and practice at least one song every day for two weeks

67. Needle point pillow cases

68. Get a spray tan

69. Make a pie on Pi day-3-14-2012

70. Buy a weaving loom

71. Make paper

72. Make new curtains for the dining room

73. Install or build a fire pit in the backyard

74. Paint a scene of the beach under the full moon light

75. Watch the Wizard of Oz while playing Dark Side of the Moon

76. Have a Jell-O shot

77. Get a Nativity Set

78. Add 100 new words to my vocabulary

79. Plant roses in back yard

80. Make bath bombs

81. Re-start Weight Watchers-Lose 5 pounds a month for 15 months

82. Make homemade marshmallows and roast over fire pit, make s’mores
83. Become Microsoft Office certified

84. Cook barbecued/smoked ribs on the grill

85. Find a great red dress and a great black dress and buy them (or make them)

86. Take a firearms course

87. Say I love you in 10 languages-in progress (5-10)

88. Make a list of 101 quotes that inspire me

89. Take a photo every day for a month

90. Go to Christmas Mass

91. Make a sweet corn salsa

92. Re-decorate the bathroom

93. Stretch every morning for a month

94. Decorate for Christmas-with the Victorian decorations.

95. Make a no flour chocolate cake

96. Re-learn French and to properly swear, to increase my French vocabulary, learn a new word or phrase each week.

97. Build a pinhole camera

98. Go to Las Vegas

99. Listen to and learn about Cuban music

100. Find a personally inspirational quote and work it into a piece of art or home decor

101. Make 5 pairs of sleep pants or shorts

102. Watch 26 movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the Alphabet

103. Build a piece of furniture

104. Document accomplishing each thing (photo or journaling)

105. On Day 1001, make a new list

As is my custom, there are 105 things on my list of 101 things LOL

Monday, January 30, 2012

Here I am......

saying I'm going to blog more regularly, and then not doing it.  Seven months, this time.  I've thought of numerous things I wanted to blog about, but didn't get around to it.  I didn't have the time, wanted to post pictures, etc.....mostly it's wanting to post pictures.  Let's face it a blog with pictures is more interesting than one without.  I'll just try to wing it without pictures for a few posts though.  Lots of things have happened since last June.  I'll just give a brief explanation of the latest, and move on from there.  Numerous medical issues.   The latest over Christmas was that I had that nasty bug that was going around.  I was so sick I spent most of the week leading up to Christmas and the week after in bed, trying to rest and feel human.  Hubby waited on me, cooked for me and did everything he could to make me feel better.  Then my birthday was the 21st of January.  Hubby got me a beautiful Pandora bracelet. We went to Romano's Macroni Grill, where I had my favorite meal of warm spinach and scallops.  More than made up for Christmas which I can hardly  remember.  Then I had surgery to remove a mass just underneath my right ear on the 24th.  At first it felt like I had been hit with a baseball, now it just feels as though I've been hit by Mohammed Ali a couple of times.  So I'm definitely on the mend.  I'll probably be going back to work later this week, but I'll try to post at least once a week.