Friday, June 17, 2016

My Heart

breaks for: the victims and families of those young men and women who were killed at Pulse in Orlando. Too many deaths, too much hate. Where does someone learn to hate that much? and why do they think they have the right to murder someone because that person isn't living his/her life the way someone else thinks they should be living it?

My hubby, who isn't really mechanically inclined looked at my sewing machine over the weekend and was able to get it to work. He did whatever he did, plugged it back in and it is now working. So, I sewed in the sleeves and the side seams of the kimono I had been working on when it broke. Then I tried it on. What a disaster! I learned the kimono style is not for me. It was not flattering at all!

I am on a quest to find a tee shirt or a tee shirt pattern. (Maybe I should call it a knit top instead.) I have a specific style in mind. A boat neck, slightly fitted, a slight high low shirttail hem. And I want it to be black. I've found several tops and patterns that have come close. I'm leaning toward HP 1133 Plain & Simple Fitted T Redux by HotPatterns. It doesn't have the hemline I want but that is easily remedied.

Discovery channel's shark week starts on June 26th. You still have time to order Stevie the Shark to keep you company while you watch! He is just so cute!

I've already ordered mine!

Keep on keeping on

Thursday, June 09, 2016

OK.....I started sewing

the kimono I mentioned in my last post. When I started to sew the second sleeve, my machine, made a clicking noise and now won't sew. I'm not able to take it to be fixed as I don't have a "full-time income" and don't want to spend the money right now. So, all the sewing plans I had will have to wait a while. :(
I'm no longer working at the geriatric and rehab facility (commonly known as a nursing home) I was working at. The stress was making me physically ill. Hypertension, unable to sleep, GI issues etc.....I just couldn't continue on that path. Small rant here! About a year ago, new management came to the facility, promising there would be positive changes in the workplace. It didn't happen, in fact things had gotten worse over the course of the year. So, one day in April, I decided to give notice and leave all that behind.

On a happier note, I am now an independent Scentsy consultant! If you aren't familiar with Scentsy, it's wickless candle bars and electric warmers. The electric warmers use a low-watt bulb to warm the specially formulated wax. No flames, no smoke and soot free. You simply break off 1-2 cubes from your Scentsy bar and place them in the warmer. Wait a few minutes and your room starts to smell wonderful!

Every month Scentsy introduces a new warmer and a new scent of the month. June's warmer is a beautiful opaque, white "mason jar" type warmer, with a summer fireworks scene. It has small openings that the light from the bulb shines through. You can see it here. I love to use it as a night light. The scent this month is Blue Raspberry Ice. OMGee! It's awesome! It smells like those bomb pops we used to get from the ice-cream man when we were kids. It has sweet cherry, icy white lemon and blue raspberry. It also comes in a scent circle and room spray. If you would like to have an online party and get free and half off items, email me, I will answer any questions, and set it up!

I'm also going to be selling Stella & Dot! I can be found here. This company has some awesome jewelry! I love that Stella & Dot has jewelry that can be worn multiple ways. My favorites (today) are the Freya Fringe necklace and the Sutton. To me, they are both statement necklaces! Be sure and watch the videos that show the different ways these beautiful necklaces can be worn. Currently, Stella & Dot are offering Dot dollars. For every $50 you spend from May 16, 2016 through June 17, 2016 you earn $25 Dot Dollars! If you want more information email me!

I'll be posting more about both these companies in the near future. In the mean time, check them out! You won't be sorry!

My email address is austin dot novell at gmail dot com. Leave out the spaces and add the punctuation :) You may also comment here!

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