Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I love crayons. I love the colors. I still have a box of 64. I love looking at all the colors, my favorites being the different blue shades. I especially love the way crayons smell. It takes me back to my childhood quicker than any other smell or any music can. Not just any crayon though. It has to be a Crayola Crayon. They have a very distinctive pleasant odor.

When I first became a nurse we still had to wear white uniforms. We weren't allowed to wear the cute colorful scrubs that nurses wear today. I tried to be colorful and all matchy-matchy. I always had a hair ribbon, barrette, or tie, with earrings and a purse in the same color. I wore a different color every day. I must have had 25-30 pairs of earrings, "thingies" for my hair and purses. I changed colors every day. These days I'm too lazy to change my earrings every day. GASP! I'll put in a pair and wear them for a couple of weeks. But these days I have a lot better quality of jewelry and don't even worry about whether or not the metal matches any other jewelry I happen to be wearing. I was so organized that on Sunday I would have a week's worth of uniforms and accessories ready for work. I had one of those little purse organizers that made it quick to change purses. Yeah, I'll carry the same bag over and over too. It's funny what is important to you when you're young, and loses importance as you get older.

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