Thursday, September 13, 2007


I worked on my SWAP storyboard this evening and finally got it finished. It's pretty ambitious, but I'm not in a hurry to complete it. I’ve chosen the patterns and the fabrics I want to use for each one. I do have a few of the fabrics on hand. I won’t call it a stash. My colors are going to be grey, black, white with burgundy, pink and red accents. These are the patterns I’ve chosen:
pants-black-Simplicity 4273 view E
pants-grey-Simplicity 4135 view A
pants-burgundy- BWOF 1/2006 102B
pants-herringbone-Simplicity 3690 view A
gauchos-grey-Butterick 4861 view E
skirt-black-possibly McCall's 5330 view A
skirt-burgundy-Simplicity 4787 view C
skirt-grey/red/black print BWOF 8/2007 113 B
jacket-grey- McCall’s 5193 view A
jacket-black-Simplicity 4273 view A
jacket-burgundy-McCall’s 5529 view B
vest-grey-Butterick 4815 view C
vest- herringbone-Simplicity 3690 view D
top-black/red/pink print- Simplicity 4112 view B
top-white-shirt-McCall’s 4922 view c
top-black-Vogue 8152 view B
top-garnet red-BWOF 9/2007 101 B
top-gray/red/black print- Butterick 4789 view A
top-grey-Vogue 8151 view A
dress-grey-jumper-Simplicity 3673 view A
dress-red-Vogue 8280 view C
dress-black-New Look 6429 view combination of C & E
dress-black/red/grey plaid McCall's 5466 view B
trench-periwinkle-possibly Simplicity 4084 view C
jacket outer-black with animal print lining-Vogue 8307 view A
Like I said, it's very ambitious. As soon as I get closer to my goal weight I can start fitting and sewing. The Simplicity trench and Vogue jacket I can go ahead and make, since they won’t require precise fittings. Living in Florida, I have plenty of time before it starts to cool off.

My diet today consisted of basically the same thing I’ve had since Monday. My fav breakfast, a protein bar, today, and a strawberry pineapple protein drink. Last night and tonight I had baked skinless, boneless chicken cut in cubes and mixed with raisins and curried mayo. I LOVE curried mayo!!

I did the 20 minute aerobic session today. I have also been doing "vacuums". I believe this is a yoga position, many of you may already know about it. I
"relearned" about it when I got the Body Flex tapes several years ago. I didn’t think just breathing would help me loose weight or tone up, but I did think it would help me to "breathe better". It did and this position also helped make my abs smaller.

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