Sunday, September 09, 2007


In the past three weeks I have regained nine pounds. It's stress eating because I'm having a difficult time finding a job in my newly chosen career. When I first started the paralegal course attorneys were practically begging for paralegals. The school wanted to send us out to work then. The attorneys didn't care that we had just started, they needed help and were willing to work with us and teach us how they wanted things done. Now, some of the attorneys want as much as ten years experience in litigation.

I have decided that I must do something more to lose this extra fat. Weight Watchers is helping, but I have to do more. Sooooooo........I'm starting Body for Life tomorrow. I have done the program in the past and it worked for me. I am posting my "before" measurements and a "before" pic. (oh NO!!!!!) I will also be posting my workout routine and my diet on a daily basis. On the 9th of each month Every four weeks I will post my results (measurements and a new pic) for the previous month. I will re-evaluate my routines at this time.
So here is the starting point....
Date 9-Sep-2007
neck 14.75..........hips 43.5
U chest 41.5.......R thigh 23
bust 47..............R knee 15
L chest 38.75......R calf 14.75
R bicep 14.25......R ankle
R wrist 6.75........L thigh 22.75
L bicep 14.25......L knee
L wrist 6.75........L calf
waist 37.5..........L ankle
abs 45.5............Weight 189.4

I know, I know, TMI, but bear with me. It WILL get better!
I just took the pics for my journal. I just want to cry. I must have been in severe denial as to how I really looked. Know how you look at your body, but don't really see it? It's really difficult to overlook flaws when you're looking at a pic.

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