Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I went to orientation last night. My class is now going to start on the 13th. One of my instructors works for the attorney general. This is going to be an interesting course.

101 Things Update:
I converted one, that's it, one, CD since I started. I figure if I can do 4-5 a week I should have them done by the end. I need to get started scanning pics again. Got to get them on webshots and burned to a cd. I also need to get the ones on my digital camera organized. I haven't started my one pic a day for a month yet. I'm still doing a crossword puzzle a day. I have a stack of them I've saved.

Later today I'm going to take pics of my front yard to document the changes as I landscape it. There isn't a lot of grass due to shade trees. Last year my ex-husband decided to have someone do the yard work. They used a weed whacker on what little grass we had and killed most of it. He had the trees trimed earlier this year. So now we have sun. I'm researching xeroscape plants so we can have a green yard with little water needed. We always have water restriction every summer, making it difficult to keep things green here. I think I'll use the pics and document it on my website, as one of the pages (# 12)

I got an Altoids tin from one of my co-workers for an altered art piece. Also two small "BBs" I want to use on it. I haven't decided the theme, but I still have a lot of time.

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