Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Weekend

I'm enjoying my weekend off. I can't remember the last time I had a weekend off. I'm really gonna enjoy these new hours.

I got up early Saturday morning and went to Joann's Fabrics. I got a Doll Reader magazine and a couple of patterns. They had Simplicity patterns on sale. I used my 50% off coupon on the magazine. I didn't find any fabric I really liked on first glance. I didn't have time to browse. I had to get back home for a mini-physical for some insurance I'm getting.

So this woman comes to my house to ask a few medical questions, get my BP, weight and draw blood. She looks at my arms and asks me if "they" use a butterfly when "they" draw blood. Now, I have vessels the size of a water hose, no one EVER has difficulty getting my blood. I don't know what she did but, it hurt like a bitch when she took the "needle" out. Now I have a HUGE dark purple bruise (okay, hematoma)on my left arm, and it hurts a LOT when I straighten my arm.

This morning I went to my sister's house for a while. I tried to get her PC unfrozen. Rebooted several times, but it still came up on the same webshots pic. No desktop, no task bar. It didn't freeze until she downloaded one of my pics I had displayed on the webshots site. It's an old PC, with Windows 98. I loaned her a laptop.

101 Things Update:
#98 I spent a few minutes picking up pots and putting away the hoses so the front yard doesn't have the PWT (poor white trash) look as much as it did. I've got to get measurements next weekend and make a graft to plan out the landscaping.

#78 I will learn more than 50 new words with this paralegal course. So, I'll mark this "in progress".

I'll try some of the recipes next weekend. Butter chicken and maybe Crème Brulee or Tiramisu. I might make some bath bombs too!

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