Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tiny Rant

Question #1. Why do women spend so much time sewing beautiful garments, then when they post pictures on pattern review, don't put on shoes? It takes only a few seconds to slip on an appropriate pair of shoes and makes the whole outfit look better in the pic. It isn't like they are modeling swim suits or beach wear. Some of them have on very pretty "dressy" dresses. I can't believe all these women are making some sort of "statement" by being bare foot. I can understnad when the children aren't wearing shoes, heck, sometimes it's difficult enough to get them to even put on the clothes.

Question #2. Why do women spend so much time sewing beautiful garments that aren't flattering to their body?

Question #3. Why does this even bother me? Have I been watching What Not to Wear too much? Am I too critical? Is it just me? I dunno. Sometimes I just wonder what people are thinking when they get dressed. (Yes, I know that was more than one question.)

OK, OK. I know I don't always wear the most flattering clothes either. But how flattering can scrubs be? I wear them almost 100% of the time I'm awake. I was hoping to dress nicer for class, but I don't have time to change after work. So....it's scrubs for class too.

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