Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I made pics of the front yard. It ain't pretty. But it can be with a little landscaping. The pics have been posted on my webshots page.

I'm thinking I should shop at nearby garden centers, instead of from catalogs. Centers nearby should be knowledgeable about xeriscaping also. I've got an image in mind.

I prefer plants to flowers. So I want plants with colored leaves. There are some beautiful plants with colored leaves. I'll try to post pics of the plants I'm thinking about later. I need to draw a grid also. So I'll know exactly where to plant each plant.

This could be a cute little house with a lot of work. The only problem I have with it is that there aren't enough windows. It's kinda dark. Oh, and nothing, but nothing is standard. I think the elderly man who live here must have done most of the work on it himself. When we moved in I was able to scrape at least 10 distinct layers of paint off the kitchen window sills. There were more. Apparently, according to a neighbor, when he painted, he painted everything, inside and out. There were shades of yellow, white, pink, blue and I know there were others.

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