Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I went clothes shopping today. First, at Penney's. It's interesting, I stepped into the larger sized department and the clothes became dowdy and appeared to be designed for much older women with NO fashion sense at all. I tried petite's for trousers, but no luck as they don't have my size.

Then I go Macy's. SAME THING. I get off the escalator, a turn to the left and there was BEAUTIFUL tiny clothes. A turn to the right and I was in polyester town. Seriously tasteless clothes! A person would think that Macy's would have something in larger sizes that was stylish. As I was leaving, getting off the escalator, I saw beautiful business suits, stylish with gorgeous lines, but none in my size.

Off to Lane Bryant.

What happened there? I admit it's been a while since I've gone clothes shopping, but...honestly. I couldn't even FIND a dress trouser there. It was all summer styles. Gauzy and floaty, tanks and halters. Nice clothes, but not suitable in my mind for school and eventually working in an attorney's office.

I gained some weight, but I didn't lose my fashion sense. So, I am very disappointed.

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