Saturday, March 24, 2007


I woke up earlier than usual this morning. Got up, exercised, then got ready to go to the Weight Watchers meeting. I like to get there early so I can get my "favorite" seat. LOL I'm down another 1.4 pounds. Right on target for my 5 pounds a month weight loss. I had two soft taco supremes for lunch. I like that I can still have a bit of fast food and stay within my points range and still lose weight. I finally got around to re-checking my total daily points target and I lost a point. Now I only get 23 instead of 24. hmmmm.....not real happy about that, I have a healthy appetite and I LOVE good food. Unfortunately it shows! LOL I have to admit though, I do feel much better. And I'm not to unhappy about the number of points. I still get to eat anything I moderation.

After the meeting I went to Joann's Fabrics. They had a sale on McCall's patterns. I picked up these patterns:
5317, a bubble dress, usually I don't like bubble dresses, but this pattern isn't obvious, 5179,
another dress, which I love in the blue, and will probably make it in that color, and 5330,a straight skirt.

I also got a one pound skein of yarn from Caron. It's a beautiful soft baby pink color. I'm using it to make pattern swatches. I printed out the pattern swatch directions from Lion Brand. I started with the wide rib pattern. It's an easy one. I like the simple basketweave and will probably do it next.

This is My Virtual Model, I can "try on" outfits in online dressing rooms. It gives me an idea of how some clothes will look on me. There are several virtual dressing rooms, Sears, Glamour, Lands End etc.....It isn't quite as rubenesque as I am LOL I used to wear my hair that way though. Right now it's below my waist. I am considering coloring it a nice red with chocolate and caramel low-lites and getting it cut very short. Kind of like Lisa Rinna's do.

I tried to put MVM in the side bar, but for some reason it wouldn't take the code. I've had this happen several times. I still can't get the flickr code to work or the code from bloglines. I've emailed bloglines, but I'm still getting the error message indicating I'm not using the correct user name or that I'm using my email address. Neither is true, I'm using the user name they gave me. This is very frustrating. I'd very much like to have the flickr badge there.

I finally found ALL the CDs Dell sent with the computer that was delivered in December. They had all been neatly put away for safe keeping, just not in the place where all the other important CDs are kept. This is the third Dell computer I've owned since 2002.

My first computer was a Gateway in 1998. I got rid of the dinosaur last year. I loved it when I first got it. top of the line! Didn't take long for it to become obsolete though. I remember when Walt and I (for those who don't know Walt, he is my ex-hubby who I share a house with) first went shopping for a computer. I had a list of specific things this computer MUST have. The guy at the store laughed when I said I wanted a hard drive with eight!!!! GB of memory. He said no one will ever use that much memory! LOL How short sighted!

The next one was a HP bought at Walmart at 6 a.m. on a September (2000) Saturday morning after having been up until 4 a.m. working on the Gateway, because of a virus. The only thing I can say about the HP was that it was an ok computer. It was, after all to be just a back-up for when I got the Gateway working again. However, it was the other way around. The Gatgeway became a back-up for the HP. Somewhere along the way, I realize that I MUST NOT be without a computer. I go into withdrawal. LOL I not only have a back-up computer, but a back-up ISP also.

In 2002, September, I got my first Dell. LOVED IT!! Fast forward to 2004, Walt decided he wanted a computer. I had been trying to drag him kicking and screaming into the 21 century to no avail. But wait! He wants a computer??? So we get him a Dell! Doesn't take long for him to retreat. Take it, he says. Don't have to ask me twice! So my Dell goes into back-up and his Dell becomes mine.

It's December 2006, and we decide it's time for a new computer, back to the Dell website. We choose another Dell and it's here in a matter of days.

So, now we have five dekstops, and two laptops. Time for some house cleaning.
The Gateway and HP get trashed. Too old and slow to do bookkeeping and playing with VB code on any longer. The hard drive from the HP gets put into the first Dell and given to my sister and brother-in-law whose computer had just bitten the dust. Now, I have a new Dell with RoadRunner, and a back-up Dell with MSN, just in case. LOL

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