Saturday, March 10, 2007

Last Night: Country music with a Vengence!!!

I went to the Strawberry Festival in Plant City, Florida.
It's usually about 10 days long, the typical fair type scene, with livestock contests, arts and crafts
judging, and they serve the usual "fair type foods," including elephant
ears, corn dogs, burgers, etc...but they also serve strawberry shortcake.
YUMMY!! The berries are huge!! and very sweet!!.
They also have musicians/bands playing every
afternoon and night. Last night, members of the
MuzikMafia, Big & Rich,
big & rich

and MY personal favorite,


Cowboy Troy
, was there, also appearing was Two Foot Fred and John Anderson(newest member of the Mafia, who had appeared earlier in the day. Big & Rich put on a terrific show. They play some of their new
songs coming out on CD in June, and many of their older songs. They touched on the current affairs in Darfur. And implored each person
to do what they could to stop the abuse, not only there but in our own country also.

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