Sunday, March 18, 2007


I'm getting really frustrated. I've been trying to set up a blogroll for
a couple of weeks now. I am making progress, but it is awfully slow. I
am getting the message I need to use the correct user name and not my
email address. BUT...BUT...BUT!! I am using the user name I was set up with!!

This isn't the only thing I'm having a problem with. I can't get the code
from flickr to work on here either. I am not familiar with css or java-
script or XML, whichever it is, to figure out where/what the errors are.

It took me a while to figure out the "glittering lips" errors so they would
show up.

The two books I got at Barnes and Noble yesterday are about XML and javascript. I'm hoping I can get an inkling of how these languages work.

I really miss working with the guys at CGS. They were always up on the latest in geek chic. We had great fun talking about programing languages, the newest technology, and computers in general. We had an interesting job and had lives after work. They were smart and funny. We all promised we would keep in touch, but you know how that goes.....we go in different directions and lead different lives now..... I do see Miss Rosalyn on line in my Yahoo IM contact list every now and then.

I got some glue at Joann's yesterday to glue the sets in my bracelet, so they wouldn't pop out. I still have to wait get new pliers to finish it. The ones I have aren't working very well. As soon as I finish the bracelet, I'll post a pic. I've got to order supplies to make a couple more too. I get them from Fire Mountain Gems. They have some really nice things there. I want to try the Art Clay, as I love silver jewelry. And I especially love bracelets! I'm not a big earring or necklace fan, even though they can "finish" an outfit.

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