Saturday, March 10, 2007

101 Things Update

You can see my entire list of 101 Things here.

#1 was to graduate from the paralegal course with a 4.0. Unfortunately, I got an A- in constitutional law, and that dropped me to a 3.97. I was taking that class during my last few weeks of work and didn't have time to study as much as I wanted, and my grades suffered because of it.

#2 SWAP storyboard, and sew all items...I'm still in the planning stage of this. I have several patterns that I'll be using. I'm always on the lookout for fabric also. I'm not going to sew anything until I have reached my goal weight. That's a few months away, unless I really get crackin' as my Dad used to say.

#5 I'm on my way to learn to knit, I have completed one project, my gray bag, that can be seen here. Today I got a beautiful demin colored "suede" yarn to make this scarf, and Sensations Beautiful in lt blue to make a doll sweater. The color isn't as vibrant as in the picture. It's much more beautiful. I still have to get size 50 needles though. I might try to make my own out of a dowel, if I can find one big enough. I saw it done on DIY's Knitty Gritty.

#14 on my list of 101 Things is to collect all 50 U.S. State Quarters. So far, I have 38 of them. I'll be on the lookout for the rest of them as they are minted.

#19 I've been working a crossword puzzle daily for the past two weeks. I didn't do one yesterday, so I did two today to make up for it. I have a stash of them, so I always have some handy to work on.

#20 I've discontinued several of my magazine subscriptions. I plan on reading and clipping articles next weekend and get rid of the stash of magazines I don't want to keep.

#21 I probably should have started my veggie garden already, but haven't gotten any seeds or starter plants. Maybe, I'll do that next weekend too. I tried growing tomatoes outdoors here, but that didn't work out for me. I'll just try to grow these in containers.

#24 Monday I'm going to call and make an appointment to get my eyes checked. I need new glasses and I might as well go ahead and get the contacts then. I'm still not sure if I'll get vision correction or not. But in a week or two, I can have brown eyes when I want them! LOL

#33 I have a bracelet that I made last year, but the stones keep popping out. I'm going to check Fire Mountain Gems to see if they sell some sort of glue I can use to keep them in place. when I order it, I will also order other things I need to make a few more bracelets. I love bracelets!

#34 I carved a jack o'lantern for Halloween. The pic of "The Shriek" can be seen here.

#39 Flylady....that's a difficult one. I have always had my own routines in place, so I was attracted to her way of doing things. But there are things I don't agree with also. I do have a lot of figurines and books. I keep most of the figurines packed safely away and rotate them every month or so.

#43 I'm not so sure now if I want to make a braided rug for the kitchen or make a knitted one from strips of fabric. Or, I could make both! They both would be cute.

#58 I'm still learning about my camera. Got a lot to learn!

#68 & 69 Wardrobe, again. Fill in the gaps I have in my wardrobe to make sure I have an outfit for each "life" occasion i.e. a new career, (can't wear scrubs forever!) dinner's out to a nice restaurant, a party, a funeral, just hanging out, etc......It's just one huge gap!! LOL As I start to sew the items I will review them on Pattern Review.

#81 I'm 18 pounds into a 75 pound weight loss. Five pounds a month, on target, but I need to step it up, if I'm going to be at goal weight when I graduate from the paralegal course. And, of course, my wardrobe, SWAP sewing depends on me achieving this goal first. I mean, I know I can
do it any time, but I want to have a nice co-ordinated wardrobe for my
goal weight.

#101 I can make four pairs of pj's at any time, but I will do them in
a size close to what I will wear at goal weight.

Overall, a lot of these things I'm putting off til I reach goal weight.
Some I can't do until I finish the paralegal course and start working, due
to time and money constraints. Some, are just dependent on my completing
another thing first. I have absolutely no doubts that I will complete all
these things before the end of the 1001 days on Thursday February 19, 2009!

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