Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What fun!

Ever the one to get distracted when reading email, I managed to find a blog where someone was challenging others to read 1-2 books a week. Each person will make a list of the books he/she is planning to read. Now, at the beginning of the year, I vowed to read one book a week. I haven't kept up with the reading. I believe that making myself accountable to others may make it easier to get all my reading done. Some have also suggested books to read, such as books by the same author, or books of poetry, books with the same theme, books on the same library shelf etc...I will try to complete the books I have already started. I've only started two that are on my list. I have a LOT that I want to read.

I buy, on the average 5-6 books a month. I have books on a variety of subjects. The "Dummies" books are some of my favorites. But I think most of them might be too long to read in a week. I don't particularly like to read novels. Maybe that should be my challenge, to just read novels. I do have a few of them.

One of my other challenges for this year was to take a knitting class. I learned to knit when I was 11-12. I wasn't very good at it and soon other things occupied my time. The local Joann's has classes and it would be fun to socialize with others who are learning also. The person that suggested the reading challenge is a knitter. I hope we don't have to be a knitter to join!

I'm continuing to work on my SWAP storyboard. Just when I think I've got a working one, I see where it could be improved on. I've also ordered more fabric. A lovely pink, gray and white striped lightweight stretch poplin for a shirt. I'm waiting for a sale at Joann's to get patterns. Simplicity patterns will be on sale next week. I keep a list of the ones I want on my PDA.

Well, off to do some work on my story board!

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