Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Work was a bear this past weekend. All the paper work has to be changed over for the beginning of the month. In a 12 hour shift I barely had time for a 15 minute break to eat something. I was so tired when I got home I just fell into bed. And on top of that I contracted a respiratory infection.

Yesterday I went for the admissions interview for the paralegal course. Today I have to take my paperwork for a Sallie Mae loan. I'd rather just sleep all day. Classes start June 6th and run until August 1, 2007. They are night classes. I wish they were during the day. The class wouldn't last as long and I could get out of nursing sooner.

On the bright side, I have a stash!! I have acquired several lovely onionskins from Emma Onesock. A couple of cottons from Candlelight Fabrics and a nice lycra piece from I also got some swatches of fabrics that I like a lot and will order some next week.

I've been thinking about the storyboard for my SWAP. It's taking a lot longer to get together than I thought it would. Due to the fact that I have to order fabrics and wait for them to arrive to see if they really coordinate. I haven't really found anything I like at Joann's.

I order books from Amazon about twice a month. I've been reading a lot about altered books and journals. So, this last order included Altered Book Collage and The Decorated Journal. I have tons of ideas for altered books and the like. I'm starting to collect items such as paints, tissue papers, charms etc for these.

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