Thursday, May 18, 2006

That '70's Show

Okay. I admit it. I LOVE That '70's Show! It reminds me of my high school days. We even had the cute foreign student. I'll never know how he ended up in Dalton, GA though. Hank was from India and spoke perfect english. Our "Hyde" was named Dave and had the requisite curly hair and smoked pot. We had a Jackie, Eric and Donna, although ours wasn't as good looking. It brings back strong feelings of nostalgia. Back when life was fresh and young and anything could be accomplished. It's sad to see the show go. Yes, I know there are repeats and it's on DVD. But it's just not the same, just to know there won't be any new episodes being made. Well, I can hope there will be reunion episodes.

There are other shows that are having their last seasons...Will and Grace and ??? I have only seen one episode of that show. Looking back at other sit-coms.....I haven't watched many of the more popular ones. I watched Friends once or twice and Seinfeld maybe twice.

Lots of shows are having their season finales this week too. The CSI' those shows. Especially the one set in Las Vegas, Grissom is my favorite. OH! and love, love, love Horatio Kane on CSI:Miami!

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vijay said...

Yeah I liked the show a lot. I still
watch that 70s show online
when I got nothing to do. Its the kind of shows that you can watch time after time. Its not that they are too awesome, its just that.. I dunno maybe it never gets old.. :P