Friday, April 22, 2011

Why is blogger

being so difficult to edit html and post pictures too?  What a pain in the ass.  I hate when my posts aren't neatly aligned.  OCD.  LOL  In the overall scheme of things not a big deal, but, damn.  It should just work the way it is supposed to work.  It won't even let me cut and paste.  Does anyone know what is going on? This is just pissing me off.  Sorry.  I suppose I could try using a different computer.  But, again, it should work the way it is supposed to work.   So if it appears correctly ya know I edited it on my laptop. Anyway.........                                                                                                 
Okay,  I didn't sew Wednesday, Thursday or today.  But I did do something creative.  Wednesday I drew up simple plans for a display for my nai polish.  Yesterday I went to Lowe's and picked up the materials and supplies.  It took me a couple of hours to make the display.  As you can see there are two shelves I still need to put the fronts on.    I have to go back and get another piece of molding.  I didn't realize that the piece I got was only eight feet long.    This is basically a practice display.    I'll make another, bigger one in a few months and curve the upper edges on the side pieces and put a saying and/or some sort of carving above the top shelf.  Overall, Im pleased with the way this one came out.   
Today I did a fill in on my nails.  The ones on my left hand were really good. I hardly had to file at all.  But the ones on my right hand, looked like they had been done by someone who rarely picks up a brush.  The creative part came in when I did my nail art.  Nothing fancy today.  Two shades of pink polish layered over one another and black and gold stripes on four of the nails.  I did better putting down the stripes with my left hand than I did putting down the acrylic.           
I have been enjoying watching Criminal Minds lately.  I enjoy the interaction between Penelope Garcia, played by Kirsten Vangsness and Derek Morgan played by Shemar Moore.  Who I might add is one fine male speciman. mmm mmmm mmmmmm  LOL
Tomorrow, I'll be going shopping at Sephora.  There is now a Sephora inside J.C. Penney's at Tyrone Mall. Sephora is one of my favorite places to shop.  LOL    I'll probably go to Joann's too.  I think Simplicity patterns are "on sale" for $1.99 this weekend.          

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