Sunday, April 17, 2011


It's April 17th already.  I haven't posted since January.   I have thought of numerous things I wanted to blog about, but for one reason or another didn't.  Mostly it's because I want to post pictures when I blog.  But I don't have a good place to take pictures.  Especially when I want to take pictures of smaller items, such as a bottle of nail polish.  Clothing items I can just hang on the back of a door.   The smaller items I really have to work at getting photographed.  I enjoy blogging even if I don't have pics, so I'm just gonna do it.  lol

Fabric and Sewing and Patterns! oh my!
My sewing mojo comes and goes.  Mostly it has been on vacation, at least for the past couple of years.  Same for my knitting and crocheting mojo.  I have decided that I will go into my studio and sew every day.  (I have a dedicated room for sewing. So I can leave everything as is when I want to quit for the day and don't have to put everything away.) Even if for only 10 minutes.  I use the term sewing to include tracing off patterns and cutting out, as well as taking needle and thread to fabric.   This past week I worked a few minutes a day on McCall's 6287.  I'm making the top, view A, in black jersey, as shown on the pattern envelope.  I'll post a pic when I have it completed.  It calls for leaving some of the edges unfinished, which I don't care for.  I'll be using my cover stitch machine to finish them.   I also got a couple more pieces of fabric and will post pictures as I complete the garments.

I haven't been following all the sew-a-longs, SWAPs etc as closely as I normally do either.  :( I still have pics of a SWAP on Flickr, I had planned a few years ago and never followed through on it.  I'm thinking of updating the patterns and finishing it.  I AM interested in seeing all the jackets that have been made for the 12 jackets in 12 months challenge.  I live in Florida and rarely wear a jacket, even in the winter.  But after receiving last month's Burda, and looking through it, ironically, I only saw one pattern I was interested in sewing.  The parka on page 57.    I'd like to make it in a forrest green or dark teal.

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