Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I received the May issue of Burda yesterday.  Way earlier in the month than I usually receive it.  I was totally underwhelmed.  I didn't find anything I wanted to sew.  Used to be I would find several things I wanted to make, lately, I find, maybe, one thing.  I'm considering letting my subscription lapse.  But then I think what if? There is an issue with numerous things I want to sew and I have to spend the time looking for the issue and then not find it.  I don't mind spending the money.  And I do enjoy looking at the magazine, even if I don't sew anything from it.  I really enjoy the style pages and the decorating ideas.

I spent most of my sewing time yesterday getting my cover-stitch machine re-threaded,  (It's been a while since I've used it.) and testing on scrap fabric.  I'll baste the hem in place before I stitch it.  Usually, I just eyeball it, and am good with accurately folding back the same width.  Does that make sense?  LOL I think today I'm going to pre-wash the tricot and a knit fabric for my next top.  It's McCall's 6282.  I have a cream and black leaf pattern jersey, similar to the fabric on the short sleeved dress.

There are a couple of patterns I want to get when they go on sale at Joann's.  Butterick 5575,  Simplicity 2224.  I think a pair of black pants (2224) to go with the top from 6282.  I love the jacket from 5575.  I think it looks almost like a vest and blouse on the pattern envelope.

I'm still having back pain.  Hard to sit for long periods of time as well as stand or walk.  Some of the pain from the herniated disc and some of the pain is from arthritis.  The arthritis is not limited to my back though.  The worst is that it is in my hands.  They are so stiff and achy at times, it makes it difficult to do a lot of things. Stretching helps, so I stretch several times a day.  I have an appointment with my chiropractor in an hour or so.  I had Girl on her leash when she lunged and it hurt my back, yet again.  It seems that it only took a few seconds to undo all the progress I've made over the past several months.  

I started Weight Watchers back in October 2010.  I'm about a third of the way to goal.  I haven't started a formal exercise program yet.  Just a little walking.  I still have my old workout plan, lower body, upper body, and a run/walk schedule here.  I'll just decrease the weights and work back up to the weights listed here.  

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