Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I am a doll person

There, I said it, I like dolls. I like collecting them, I like dressing them and I like sewing clothes for them. Soon I will enjoy knitting sweaters for them (after I have a little more experience).
I have quite a few dolls. I love each one. I only collect dolls that I really like. Ones that "speak" to me. I have one baby doll, Makenna. She is what is called a "reborn" doll. The others "ages" range from 4-5 to late 20s. I like to dress them for the holidays and the changing of the seasons. I just love dressing them. Oh, and as you can see, I have a male doll. (This one is a Man of Honor doll, affectionately called MoH.( Two males actually, they are companions to two of my appropriately aged and sized female dolls.) LOL The blond doll is a reproduction Bleuette. Bleuette was made in France. I still have a few dolls I'd like to add to my collection in time. Just waiting for the opportunity.

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