Thursday, October 08, 2009


I haven't felt like posting lately. Not much is happening. I'm just trying to get the esthetician class finished. My back is preventing me from doing as much as I would like to. I'm doing about two services a day. I love doing microdermabrasion. I like doing body waxing, but not so much waxing eyebrows. I've done a Hot Stone Facial and I loved doing it too. I'm looking forward to actually getting to start working in the field.

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. There isn't a dramatic change of seasons here in Florida. This past week we had some cooler temperatures and it was really nice. (It has since returned to 90 degree weather though.) When I was younger I loved getting new clothes and starting back to school. Most of the time my Mom drove me to school. I have some nice memories of waiting for the bus with Nancy and Jesse, who were neighbors. Nancy was a year older than me but was in the same grade and Jesse was a year younger. We were neighbors for only a short time. Nancy got married, I think she was about 16. I believe Jesse is Jesse Morehead from Stayin Safe, and also an internationally known archery champion. Just a walk down memory lane.

The last time I blogged I did an update on the NailTech products I was using. I'm happy to say they are still doing an excellent job of making my nails strong and healthy. I got a gorgeous light pink nail polish and I'm now using it.

As I mentioned autumn is my favorite time of year and I think I enjoy Halloween as much as I do the Christmas season. I love all the decorations and dressing up in costume and doing make-up. The young man in this youtube video is an amazing make-up artist and has several tutorials on youtube. I'm going to use one of his tutorials to do my make-up for Halloween.

My ex and I have decided to get married again. We'll go Monday and get the license. We're getting married on Halloween. Again. LOL I think we both should have our Halloween make-up on. It won't be a huge deal. We will go with some friends, get married and go to an early dinner. They have younger children and need to be available for trick or treating or a party or what ever they have planned. I would like to go to Guavaween, and see the Mama gave Stumble Parade, but I don't know if my back will "let" me walk around. I would also like to go to Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando.

Probably we will end up watching classic horror movies, such as Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Mummy, and their sequels. Although there are other good horror movies, I love these movies and never tire of watching them. I don't care so much for the newer stab and hack movies. Although I do like the original Friday the 13th. Walt and I watched The Ring. Immediately after watching the movie, our phone starts to ring. I answered it and immediately start laughing, explaining to my friend that we had just watched the movie. LOL

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