Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Weekend

I received an email a week or so ago informing me that the magazine "Threads" is now available on DVD. From 1985 to 2009. One hundred forty-six issues on one DVD. LOL It comes out bi-monthly. Back in the late 80s I had several issues. I decided that I would clip the articles that I wanted to keep and get rid of the magazines. Boy, did I regret that. Later on I got another subscription and I replaced all the ones I had clipped from and thrown away. I had all but a few of the first few issues that were hard to find and were no longer being published. I monitored e-bay for months until I was able to complete my "Threads library". I'm proud to say that I have every issue of Threads and duplicates of some of the copies. They have been invaluable for my sewing. The earlier issues didn't focus just on sewing, but had articles on other fiber arts. I frequently pull out a random issue and read it. This is probably the finest magazine published today for home sew-ists.

I went shopping at the MAC counter at my local Dillard's yesterday. I just LOVE MAC cosmetics. I got the "Pink Swoon" blush, a "Snob" lipstick, and Dazzleglass Creme in "My Favorite Pink". It was a toss-up between Pink Nouveau and Snob, but after swatching, Pink Nouveau seemed a little too bright. Snob is a little light for me, but I'll get a different lipgloss to wear over it or mix it with a darker shade of pink. I love the Pink Swoon blush, it's such a pretty fresh shade of pink. But I think I could have worn "Coygirl" or "Well Dressed" just as well. All the associates were really busy. A LOT busier than at the other cosmetic counters. They were all gorgeous and their make-up expertly applied. I would have loved to have taken a little more time and just looked at and compared the different shades of lipsticks and eye shadows and such, but my back was killing me after just walking a few minutes to get to the counter.     :(     Oh, and I got a pump dispenser for my bottle of foundation. You can be sure that MAC cosmetics are going to be on my Christmas list this year! LOL

I've been taking a half an hour or so most days and knitting on the Irish hiking scarf. I have about a quarter of it done. I'm such a slow knitter and if I don't pay close attention I make a mistake and have to frog it and reknit it. Looking at it I can see a couple of places that should have been reknit, but I'm not going to reknit it. It will take me too long. I'm amazed at the knitter's who are almost finished with something and frog all of it and restart it. Anyway, I'll keep knitting away and it should be done soon.

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