Monday, October 26, 2009

Are you ready for some

football?? I lurve me some New Orleans Saints. You would think I would be a Buc's fan, but NO. I've been a Saint's fan for many, many, many years. I only got to see the last 30 seconds or so of the game yesterday. I know they came from behind to win the game. I am so happy that they are one of three undefeated teams, the first time in NFL history that going into the 7th week there are three defeated teams!

I found another little piece of knitting I had been working on and had put aside. It's the Dream Swatch Headwrap. It started out as a head wrap. I decided to not make it as wide as the pattern called for, but it was still too wide to wrap my head and still stay in place. So I decided to make it into a narrow scarf. I think it will be cute with a purple or blue tee-shirt. I'm making it out of Caron Simply Soft Paints in the Oceana color-way. I'm gonna focus on this small scarf instead of the Irish Hiking scarf. It shouldn't take me long to get it finished, if I work on it a few minutes every day.

I'll be removing the music after Halloween. Monster Mash is one of my favorite songs. I have it as my ringtone during the month of October and I thought it would be fun to have it on my blog.   :)  I also have the pic of Dracula and Frankenstein as the wallpaper on my phone. LOL

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