Sunday, December 16, 2007

101 Things Update

You will find my list of 101 things here.

# 17. At least once each week, read the newspaper cover to cover—Well, I’m not ever going to read the entire paper. There is a lot of items I’m just not interested in. But, I am reading more of the paper on a daily basis than I was. When I moved to Florida, I read every section every day. I just don’t have the time to do it now. I try to stay current as much as possible by reading the newspaper, watching the news, (local and national) and listening to the radio occasionally. I also get snippets of news while surfing the web. Sooo…..gonna cross this one off my list.
# 27. I going to get my DNA tested next year, by Genetree. I’m really excited to get this done. I’m eager to learn who my ancestors may have been. I do know my birth Mother’s name, and we share the same birthday, January 21st. I also know I have four half brothers. And, my adoptive Father is my cousin by birth. But, I want to know more about where my DNA originated.
# 37. My CDs have been cataloged except for the random CD that was removed from its case for listening. There are probably 4-5 in various magazines in the car/truck, stereos, and computers. Sooo….another item to cross off!
# 74. The last weekend of each month I take several hours and color and trim my hair. I also do a facial, and pedicure. I’ve been doing this for several months. I will also check this item off as completed.
I keep thinking I should be further along completing items. I just can’t seem to really get going. So many items depends on completing other items. I need to be working in order to be able to fit a lot of the things into my budget. I’m still having a difficult time finding a position with an attorney right now. I’m going to go into the nursing pool where I used to work. At least for a while. I’m not going to give up on a paralegal position though. I’m still on the list at the public defenders office.

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Jack said...

Sorry to be off the subject. I'm having trouble posting an avatar on dailylit. It just doesn't seem to grab it. I've tried moving the 80x80 jpeg to diffenent folders for ease of locating, no joy. How did you get it to work?
Regards, Jack