Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Autumn Patterns

After looking through the Big Four‘s new autumn patterns, I’ve chosen a few that I would like to sew. I didn’t see very many that called my name and demanded to be put on my sewing list though.

I’ve always liked Butterick patterns so the majority of the ones I’ve chosen have been from Butterick.

Number 5100 is a cute tunic! It can be worn a number of ways. I like all of them except the dress. I would also wear straight leg pants with it instead of the tapering ones.

Butterick 5101 is a wrap dress and top with an elastic waist skirt and pants. I like the jacket, even though I’m sure there are others like it that is prettier. I just haven’t found one I really like yet.

I love 5087. I could see view B in a royal blue hound’s-tooth check with a black belt and black pencil skirt.

I like the simplicity of 5066. Since my SWAP colours are black, gray, and white with splashes of red, burgundy and pink and maybe royal blue. You know I love the ensemble as is with a red shoe and bag.

I envision New Look 6729 view A without the bell sleeves in a pretty shade of pink( such as Pantone Confetti 16-1723). I would maybe think about wearing a thin lace cami underneath and an animal print ballet slipper with it and jeans.

And the last one I really like is 3673. I love the retro look, although it’s usually garments and patterns from the 1940s era.

I've also been looking at Ralph Lauren's collection for fall. I love the menswear look and this particular one is my favorite.

When I was a junior/senior in high school my favorite outfit was a black & white hound's-tooth pencil skirt, white shirt, black vest with a tie and heels. I stood out like a sore thumb. I never fit in growing up, from my music (blues, Motown, good ole soul music, while everyone around me was listening to country), to my political views (I was a registered Communist, please don't ask, Angela Davis was a personal heroine, again, please don't ask) to the clothes I wore. I was goth before it was called goth. I believe it was the summer before my sophmore year, I refused to go out of the house unless I was totally covered. I have pale skin anyway and refused to tan. I died my hair jet black and wore red lipstick and all black clothes. I lived by the personal motto "Why be normal?". I guess the few friends I had got used to my weirdness. And the others were afraid it would rub off on them! LOL I still struggle, but I think I'm really close to normal now! (yeah, right.)


Leora Louise said...

I like that Ralph Lauren menswear looking pattern. Thanks for pointing it out!

Leora Louise said...

oh, wait... that's not a pattern is it? hehehe. BTW, I had a houndstooth skirt back in the day too. Loved that skirt :)

Sharon said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the New Look 6729 top. Perhaps I'll be seeing your version soon?