Saturday, May 05, 2007


Yesterday, I got the things I needed to finish up my second bracelet. The beads are a lovely blue. I haven't decided what my next piece is going to be yet.
When my son lived in Florida he started an avocado plant. Eventually it got too big for a pot and we planted it (see it behind the scraggly palm) in our front yard. It would only get two or three avocados each year. The squirrels would usually get them. Thursday Walt pointed out to me that there are dozens of tiny avocados on the tree.

Hopefully we will have a bumper crop (I LOVE guacamole!) and we will start another plant.

Yesterday was the ninth anniversary of my Mother's death. I miss her so much. I see things I think she would like and then remember she isn't "here". Same with my son. They both left too soon.

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