Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I discovered I like to color! Actually, what I like is to take an image and use PaintShop and color it.

I like to see how different colors interact. I plan to use these images and make coasters or mini quilts from them. Just another thing on my to do list. LOL I know that this type of coloring is rather juvenile, especially considering all the things that can be done with a good graphics program. But, I enjoy doing it, and since it's mindless activity, it helps relieve stress.

I have an interview for a job next Monday at 9:30. I'm nervous about this. Not only will I be starting a new job, it will be a new career. I'm starting over AGAIN. The last time I changed careers, it lasted a little over two years. I did tech support. The company I worked for lost the account and I was laid off. I decided I couldn't wait for them to call me back and went back to nursing. I had been working about two months when they called me back. I would have loved to continue working for them but: (1) I had gotten used to the less than 10 minute commute to work, (2) at that time my monthly gas bill was $75.00. Can you imagine what it would be now? Anyway, I'm on my way again. Hopefully this career will "take". But who knows? I might change again in 10 years or so. LOL I don't think I will ever retire. Maybe when no one will hire me, or I get too senile. LOL

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