Sunday, May 06, 2007


who knows me, knows that I LOVE animals, all animals, but especially dogs and elephants. I only had one small dog when I was growing up. My Mom was "afraid" of dogs. I think it was more that she thought she would be the one taking care of it. So, imagine my surprise when in 1993 my Dad said, this is going to be my dog and she will be an "indoor" dog. My son named her Mica. Mica stayed with my Dad until early 1998 when she went to live with another family ( the little girl adored Mica), when it took all Dad's time to take care of Mom. My Mom passed on May 4, 1998. A month or so later the little girl suddenly developed an "allergy" to Mica and returned her to my Dad. Mica continued to live with my Dad until her death last year.

I didn't have another dog until I moved to Florida and married Walt. He had a tri-color Bassett Hound named Sebastian Benson Oglethorpe. Since then we've had several dogs. Some of them can be seen here.

Now, I have these guys. This is Buddy's nose and "Pea-Bee" with the "go-rilla". I don't have a good picture of Bear, Walt's black Lab. You can see other pics on the side bar.

I have several collections, shot glasses, thimbles and....elephants! I have glass elephants, wooden elephants, ceramic elephants, old elephants, and new elephants. I think they are so beautiful!
I have most of my collections packed away now. I don't have enough room to display them properly. I barely have enough room for the six book cases filled with books. And my wish list is over 700 books long. I love books. I love to read. Most of my reading these days is related to studying for the paralegal class. I will get back to reading for pleasure once I take the CLA exam given by Nation Association of Legal Assistants in December.

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