Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I finally got the badge from Flickr to work. And while I was at it, I got one from Stylehive and PictureTrail. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!

OK. I've spent entirely too much time on this computer and not enough time doing other things. 101 type things. knitting type things. sewing type things.

Each day I have been putting 10 CDs in their crystal cases along with the front and back "covers". A couple of years ago, in my infinite wisdom, I decided that it would be nice to keep all my CDs alphabetized in a nice binder type holder. I didn't realize what a pain in the rectum it would be when I got new ones and had to move them all to keep them in order. What is taking so long getting them back together is the box I was storing the cover art in got dropped and they aren't in order anymore.

I joined a sew along on Sew I Knit!. We are going to be sewing items related to knitting. Totes, storage for needles etc. I'm going Saturday to get the supplies. I got this pattern a couple of weeks ago when Joann's Fabrics had a sale on Butterick patterns.

I keep seeing things that I like, that I appreciate, things that make me happy, (other than the obvious, family, friends and being healthy) and think I should make a journal or listing of just those things.

In the stylehive badge you can see a skinny model wearing dresses that are, well, not my style, but I love the two bags, and apparently you have to "take" the dresses to get the bags on the badge. I love the bags though, and the jewelry.

I went to typepad on Tuesday night and signed up for a free trial of their blog. I had almost given up on getting the badges to work here. I really didn't like typepad though. I had already made up my mind to cancel the free trial and stay here. Even if I could not get the badges to work. I like the look of these blogs. Actually I liked almost everything about them. And now, I LOVE how my badges work! LOL

The badge from Flickr will be used primarily for sewing and knitting pics and the picturetrail badge will be used for my dolls and family. I don't know if Webshots has one or not. I do have a lot of pics posted there. The link is on my side bar,

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