Thursday, September 03, 2009

3D Movies

On Tuesday, Walt and I went to see Final Destination 3D at Baywalk 20. We enjoy watching 3D movies and I thought we would enjoy seeing this one. I haven't seen any of the previous Final Destination movies. It had more gore than I thought it would. Maybe I should have at least watched the trailers? LOL

This obviously is a picture of my left hand. Why am I posting a pic of my left hand? Well, as you can see, I have very short nails, my hands are very dry, to the point of my fingers cracking open and bleeding. Not good if you want to look your best, and work in the "beauty business." My right hands looks pretty much like my left one except I have a bruise underneath the nail on my thumb. I was half asleep and closed the door on my thumb one night 4 weeks ago. Fortunately it didn't get sore just bruised. As a nurse, I washed my hands constantly and it has taken a toll on my nails and the skin on my hands. When I first moved to Florida in 1980, I had beautiful long nails, they looked like expensive well done acrylic nails. But, I digress.....LOL POINT is I am using three new products on my nails and I want to log the progress. I'm using Nail Tek III: Protection Plus for dry brittle nails and Nail Tek Hydration Therapy, and Beauty Secrets Nail Matrix cuticle oil/instant polish dryer from Sally Beauty. I also use several different lotions and creams. I can't grow my nails long due to the nature of the "beauty business", (at least the part I'll be working in), but I can grow them healthy again. I look forward to being able to wear pretty nail polish and possibly some nail art.

In class at Lorraine's we're focusing doing makeup right now. I've got to practice doing eye shadows. I didn't wear eyeshadow much in my younger days. I would just apply fake eye lashes, be done with it and go on my way. LOL We will be certified makeup artists on completion of the esthetician class. But, I want to go the extra mile and get the paper to prove it, so I'll need to do extra work. Anyone want to volunteer? Next week we'll be learning nutrition (who woulda thunk it? LOL) and Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we'll be learning bodywraps. woohoo! I LOVE body wraps! LOL

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