Thursday, February 19, 2009

101 Things-February 19, 2009

Today is the last day to complete my 101 Things list. Did I get everything done? NO. I only completed 21 out of the 105 things I put on the list. Do I feel bad that I didn't get everything done? Again NO. I may not have accomplished everything on this list, but I did so much more, I can't even begin to list everything. So, here I am, making another list of things I hope to accomplish, but if I don't I won't beat myself up over it. Many of the things are still in progress from the old list. There are a few new things. I took some things off the list, anything that involves traveling will go hold until both boys (my dogs) have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. I simply will not traumatize my dogs by kennelling them so I can travel. And, I don't trust anyone to take of them the way I do. Many of the things I started and didn't get around to finishing. They will become the priority on the new list. Here are the new items I'll be trying to accomplish in my next 1001 days. And, just like last time, there are 105 things on the list! LOL

0001. Get my RN license
0002. SWAP storyboard and complete items-in progress
0003. Learn to juggle
0004. Buy new inline skates
0005. Learn three named chess strategies
0006. Learn Spanish
0007. Join Netflix and have a weekly movie night
0008. Create an original art self portrait
0009. Complete 10 photographic projects (from previous class)
0010. Make five soups from scratch
0011. Learn the location and capital of every country in the world (and every state in the U.S.)-in progress (10-50)
0012. Learn to swim
0013. Make a travel/protection charm for the car
0014. Collect all 50 US State Quarters-in progress (38-50)
0015. Make my own ATC greetings cards
0016. Go ice skating
0017. Have a full spa day
0018. Go to an opera
0019. Start a gratitude journal
0020. Stay caught up on all of my magazines-in progress
0021. Start a small vegetable/herb garden from seeds, use in recipe
0022. Convert all my CDs to MP3-in progress
0023. Read the Bible, from beginning to end-in progress
0024. Find my signature cupcake recipe
0025. Buy myself a right hand ring
0026. Organize my photos-in progress
0027. Trace my roots
0028. Go to see Swan Lake
0029. Boob job-reduction
0030. Get a diving certificate after I learn to swim
0031. Dress form/duct tape double-after weight loss ?? date
0032. Make at least one altered book
0033. Complete 12 pieces of jewelry-in progress (2-12)
0034. Build a robot kit
0035. Learn how to make Tiramisu
0036. Start knitted garden coverlet
0037. Buy a new window box and plant wildflowers in it
0038. Make quilted piece for hallway doorway
0039. Buy a fondue pot and use at least once a month
0040. Learn sign language
0041. Do a de-tox regimen
0042. Get a professional facial and then give myself an at home facial once a week for a month
0043. Braid a rug for the kitchen in front of the sink
0044. Study and research Buddhism
0045. Learn how to do 10 one-armed push-ups in a row
0046. Re-learn visual basic
0047. Update the household notebook with pictures and serial numbers
0048. Be so flexible I can do a split-again
0049. Identify 101 things that bring me joy
0050. Go through my Photoshop Elements manual and learn cool tricks- in progress (2-19)
0051. Build up a 3 month emergency fund in savings-in progress
0052. Go to see a play/musical/ballet
0053. Knit socks
0054. Make a bra and panty set
0055. Learn pilates
0056. Buy/learn to use portable GPS
0057. Geocache/Go geocaching at least 6 times before last 101 Day
0058. Get better aquainted with all the bells and whistles on my digital camera- in progress
0059. Make bears/bear clothes
0060. Build a 1/12 scale miniature house, and begin to furnish it
0061. Take my vitamins every day for a month
0062. Make a collection of handmade ornaments for the Christmas tree
0063. Have professional photo taken
0064. Build a cigar box purse
0065. Re-learn to read music
0066. Re-learn to play the keyboard and practice at least one song every day for a week
0067. Take a speed reading course
0068. Fill in the gaps I have in my wardrobe to make sure I have an outfit for each occasion
0069. Sew and review 12 articles of clothing on Pattern Review
0070. Buy a weaving loom
0071. Make paper
0072. Clean out inside of TA for restoring
0073. Install or build a firepit in the backyard
0074. Photograph the beach under the full moon light
0075. Watch the Wizard of Oz while playing Dark Side of the Moon
0076. Have a jello shot
0077. Get a magazine article published
0078. Learn 50 new words-in progress (18-50)
0079. Plant roses in back yard
0080. Make bath bombs
0081. Lose 5 pounds a month for 15 months-in progress (35-75)
0082. Make homemade marshmallows and roast over an open fire
0083. Become Microsoft Office certified-in progress
0084. Cook barbecued/smoked ribs on the grill
0085. Find a great black dress and buy it (or make it)
0086. Take a firearms course
0087. Say I love you in 10 languages-in progress (5-10)
0088. Review 12 books on Amazon-in progress (5-12)
0089. Take a photo every day for a month
0090. Go to Christmas Mass
0091. Make a sweet corn salsa
0092. Re-decorate the bathroom
0093. Stretch every morning for a month
0094. Decorate for Christmas-with the Victorian decorations
0095. Make a no flour chocolate cake
0096. Re-learn French and to properly swear
0098. Landscape front yard-in progress
0099. Listen to and learn about Cuban music
0100. Memorize a poem-in progress
0101. Make 4 pairs of sleep pants or shorts
0102. Do a mini triathlon after I learn to swim
0103. Learn how to do mechanics on Mike's TA
0104. Document accomplishing each thing (photo or journaling)
0105. On Day 1001, make a new list

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