Thursday, January 08, 2009

So Disappointed

well, today at work, I spoke with "the person who determines my future". Which facility I will be placed at. When I first learned my facility was closing, I was asked to go to another facility to assist with the transfers of our residents to this facility. My placement wasn't to be permanent, I'd be there a couple of weeks, then go to another facility. I guess you can tell where this is heading. Today, I was "asked" to stay at this facility. She went on and on about what a great job I did at the previous facility and how they are grateful for what I've accomplished at this new facility. I thought I was getting terminated. You know how it goes. You may be asking, what is so bad about this other facility? The staff that transferred from "closing facility" to "new facility" is called names, like b***h and h*. I. AM. NOT making this up. So rude. So unprofessional. The first day I went there, I heard someone say " They better not think they can come in here and take over". What? Where did that come from? No one is trying to take over anything. We're just here to do a job and make a living like everyone else. We are generally referred to as "those people from (inset name of facility)", when they aren't calling us more colorful names. I spoke with "person who determines my future" about the hostile environment, and I will not even repeat here what her response was. I didn't think she understood what I had just told her. I was furious. I AM leaving out some details that have to do with a another co-worker from the "closing facility" that went to a third facility. But we both are presently seeking employment else where. Any body know a facility that needs two really good clinical reimbursement specialists? LOL This too shall pass. I just had to get it off my chest.

My Dad is leaving to go back to north Georgia tonight. I miss him already. I didn't get to spend as much time with him as I wanted because I had the flu. My brother and a friend of his came down to get him and drive him back. Daddy was eager to get back home. It's been freezing there and he wanted to get back and take care of his house. My fantasy is to win the lottery and move him down here. Get him a house very close to me so I can fix his dinner each evening. He wouldn't have to worry about anything the rest of his life.

I am eagerly awaiting the weekend. I have to leave work early tomorrow due to a 12:40 appointment with my chiropractor. I am planning on spending some time sewing on a jacket and my Kimberly bag. I'm using the same color and print as the green one. I've had it cut out for a couple of months. Hopefully, I can get it sewed this weekend.

I hope every one has a safe and happy weekend.


lynda said...

Hello...I saw you were featured on Pattern Review and from St. Pete so I just wanted to say hello from one St. Pete sewer to another!!!

austin said...

I was?
Ohh booooo! i missed it!!!

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!