Thursday, February 28, 2008

This week so far

In a challenge I'm participating in I'm supposed to take a picture a day. I thought I would post the pics here two or three times a week and tell something about them.

This is a statue of elephants that my ex gave me for Christmas 2006. They are hand carved. I can't remember what type of stone this is. I also can't remember where I put the info card that came with it. Obviously some place where it would be safe. LOL I used to collect elephants. I have quite a few, but after a while no longer wanted to increase my collection. I only collected ones that really called to me.

These are a few of my Threads magazines. I have every issue that has been published. I LOVE going back to the older magazines and re-reading the articles.

I really like to exercise ie...lifting weights. I like my muscles getting hard and tight. And oddly enough I like the delayed soreness after I work out. This is a pic of my favorite style and brand of workout gloves. This particular brand is Bollinger. I've had other brands, but this is, in my opinion the best.

I enjoy having sushi two or three times a week. My favorite is California rolls with brown rice. I always have it with a little soy sauce and ginger. I think I like the ginger as much as the sushi.

This is Hannah Jane, my sewing goose. She was supposed to be my lawn goose, but I decided to not put her outside. She is so cute! She sits on my sewing table and advises me on my sewing. LOL On my list is to make her clothes as cute as she is. She is named after Laura Prepon's character in October Road. I enjoyed watching Laura in That 70's Show. I didn't think I would ever be able to see her as any other character but Donna. She is a really talented actress and I'm glad she got another series so quickly.

Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up.
Jesse Jackson (1941-, American Clergyman, Civil Rights Leader)

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