Thursday, February 14, 2008


I spent last evening making copies of the line drawings in my Burda magazines. I then pulled the patterns from each magazine and put them into manilla envelopes. My Burdas now take up much less space on the book shelf. I out the copies of the line drawings into a binder. Now I can pull it off the shelf and flip through it to see which pattern I want to use. Then I will go to my filing cabinet and pull the envelop corresponding to the monthly issue.
I had already taken my other patterns and put them into envelopes and put the pattern envelopes into clear page covers and put them into binders.

Since I have no plans for this evening, I'm going to trace off the top "all the popular girls" (LOL) are making. It's the wrap top from the January issue of Burda.

The future is simply infinite possibility waiting to happen. What it waits on is human imagination to crystallize its possibility.

Leland Kaiser

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