Sunday, February 10, 2008

February's challenge

Our Take it Further Challenge for February, as set up and posed to us by Sharon Boggin, is about memory...what are we old enough to remember? My early memories come in bits and pieces, more like snapshots than flowing like a movie. Fuzzy stills frozen in time.

My earliest memory is of a Christmas. I must have been two or three. I remember waking up and hearing my parents talking in the kitchen. Too excited to stay in bed any longer I slipped out of the toasty warm bed and felt the icy cold wooden floor beneath my feet. I quickly found my pink house slippers and robe and put them on. I couldn’t wait to see what Santa had brought me!

My Mother took me straight to the living room and held me up so I could see out the window. There our front yard was covered in a layer of pristine white snow! It was a Christmas scene out of the movies.

That is where my memory stops. I think I got a child’s kitchen set and iron and ironing board. I have a memory of playing with them that is close to the same time as the Christmas memory.

I have good memories and bad memories just as everyone does. All those memories are a part of what makes me me. My personal history. No one else has lived it.

As for the color challenge, here are the colors. I’ve thought about doing a small quilted piece, maybe in the form of crazy quilting or perhaps a mandala. Still not sure yet.

Butterick has new spring patterns out. Out of the big four, Butterick is my favorite. I’ll be buying these during the next sale at Joann’s. Butterick

5173, (This is a Maggie London pattern. I LOVE most of her designs.)


and 5188.

Today is the first day in a long time that I've actually had time and motivation to sew something. I've had a pair of UFO boxers for Walt lying in my sewing basket for three or four months. I just need to hem them and put in the elastic. Today, I basted the hems. Wasn't much, but it felt good to accomplish something.

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