Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Look

I made a few changes to my blog tonight. I was going to do this while I was visiting my Dad, however, I can't get either of my laptops to go online. Neither of them recognizes the dial tone on the phone line. I will take them with me and try to get them to work while I'm there.

I finally got my ipod working today. I had to restore it to factory settings and put all the songs on it again. I didn't put all my pictures on it this time though. I'm going to rescan them and get them totally organized before I do that again.

I look forward to seeing my Dad and my nephew again. It's difficult to go back there. That old saying you can't go home again rings true. Things have changed so much since Mom and Mike died. I don't think I could ever live there again. My nephew and I talk about the "good times". I do think that each day we live as long as we are healthy and have people we love around us are the good times. Some of those people may only be here in memory and spirit, but they never really leave us.

on to less morbid things.....

Damn! someone came when I wasn't looking and bleached my hair white, at least at the roots! LOL So I colored my hair tonight. It's back to its "natural" reddish brown. I've promised myself after I reach goal weight I'll get it cut short and dye it a darker red color. I have an appointment to get my nails done tomorrow. oh and I'll do a pedi tomorrow too. Gonna be looking spiffy when I go see my Dad! He hasn't seen me since I've lost 35 pounds. He'll be surprised to see me. I haven't told him I was coming!

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