Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I didn't go to work. It seems weird. I got up, took the dogs out, fed them, ate breakfast and then......what do I do? I read a few emails. Still sleepy so I took a nap. Got up at 10-ish and started cleaning. I cleaned for about an hour or so.

Yesterday I decided I would start work on cataloging my books again. So, I'm removing all the books from one shelf dusting them and cataloging them in an Access database. I also want to do this for my sewing patterns (I think I have almost all of them done) my magazines, and maybe my CDs.

I studied/did homework for 2-3 hours. I feel somewhat prepared for the classes I'll have Wednesday and Thursday. Tonight and Monday are the first classes for Civil Law II and Criminal Law. In addition to studying for classes I'll be studying for the CLA exam given by National Association of Legal Assistants or NALA.

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