Sunday, January 07, 2007

Six more working days

I have six more days at my current job. I'm desparately trying to get all the work caught up before I leave. A lot of the other department heads either aren't doing all their documentation or they don't know how to do the paperwork, leaving it up to me to do their paperwork also. I can see how it's going to pan replacement comes in, the new department heads start doing the paperwork they are supposed to be doing, and no one will be able to understand WHY I couldn't keep it up. Never mind, that in numerous other facilities there is 1 co-ordinator per 60 residents and I'm trying to keep up with 120+. GRRRRRR.......Oh and the census will probably increase and a second person will be hired to help the new co-ordinator. A friend of mine refused to take the position when she found out she would be the only one.

On a happier note, my next session starts on Wednesday. I have a class with an attorney named Danny and I am sooooo looking forward to it. He is very nice and is charismatic and very animated. He was a sub when an instructor couldn't be there. He made learning enjoyable. They all are very nice, but some are better instructors than others.

I spent a little while today trying to help my nephew with his website. It served to motivate me to get some work done on my own website when I stop working. I've been looking through my java and html books. I'd like to start relearning VB again too. I LOVED to write code when I was taking my computer classes. I just wish I had been more motivated to get my certifications. That will become a priority again after I finish this paralegal course and take a legal nurse consulting class.

So much to do, so much to learn, SO little time!!!

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