Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Pongo, my sweet 12 year old Dalmation was having a difficult time walking and fell a couple of times last night. Walt took him to the vet's today. She couldn't find anything wrong just "eyeballing" him. She poked and prodded a bit and said he has some neurological damage to his hind legs and he probably has arthritis. She gave him some glucosamine and something for pain. This evening he is walking a lot better and doesn't seem to be having any discomfort. It's hard to believe it's been over 11 years since Walt found him while delivering mail. He was tied to a shed behind his owner's house. He finally saw someone giving him some water and the lady told him the owner's were getting divorced and couldn't take him to either of their new homes. Walt brought him home that day (after getting the okay from the man that owned him then). He was just a little "poopy dog" and I fell in love with him at first sight!

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