Saturday, May 31, 2008

May passed by so quickly

It seems like just yesterday it was January first. These past couple of weeks were difficult. We had state surveyors in the nursing home doing our annual survey. This survey was the best one the facility has had in eight years. There was a new supervisor running every department and of course a new administrator. We only had nine minor deficiencies. That is extremely good for a facility of this size.

I didn't even post on May's Take It Forward for last month. I haven't had a chance to even read about the challenge or see the color scheme for June yet. I hope I can get to that this weekend.

I've posted my new Summer Reading List here. I've already finished two of the books. I start my classes to get my RN degee next week, so I wanted to get started. I still need to finish the old list too.

It seems as though I can never get anything accomplished, no matter how much I try. At least I'm not working 11-12 hours a day now.

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