Sunday, May 04, 2008

Another weekend

has come and almost gone. I didn't get much accomplished.

I finally got an IV pole to hang the water bottle on for my new iron. I used it to iron the strips for the quilt block for the Take it Forward Challenge for March. I still have to do the memorial heart for April, and the colors and concept have been given for May. I'm so far behind!

I just can't seem to get focused and get anything done. After work and on the weekends I just hang out and do a little reading and checking email and check a few of my favorite blogs. There is quite a bit of stress from work lately. I believe that has a lot to do with getting focused.

As per my usual, I have some things planned. My problem is, I just can't seem to get past the planning stage. On the ever growing, never ending list.....

I got the Emmeline apron, by Meg McElwee at Montessori By Hand. Fabric for an Amy Butler Kimberly bag. I'm going to make it in the same lime green fabric as shown on her website. Not very creative of me, I know. But....the lovely colors were what drew me to the bag! I'm just waiting for the pattern.

I've checked out the new patterns. meh....nothing calls out to me. I'll wait and see what the fashionistas make and see if I change my mind.

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