Sunday, October 07, 2007

100 posts??

According to my blog archive I have 98 posts and according to my dashboard I have 99 making this my 100 post.
I obviously stopped blogging my diet and exercise routine on a daily basis. I held myself accountable and have not missed a workout or strayed from my diet. Here is the result of the past month’s hard work. Comparison pics can be found here.
Date 7-October-2007
neck 14..........hips 41
U chest 39.75.......R thigh 23.5
bust 46.5..............R knee 14.75
L chest 37.25......R calf 15.25
R bicep 13.75......R ankle 8.5
R wrist 6.75........L thigh 23
L bicep 14.......L knee 14.75
L wrist 6.5........L calf 14.25
waist 37.25..........L ankle 8.5
abs 44.25............Weight 182.4
Overall, I lost 8.5 inches and 7 pounds. I'm very pleased with my progress. People who have done Body for Life has said that there usually isn't much progress made that is visible to the eye the first four weeks. In fact, quite a few people don't see dramatic improvement until their eight week or later. Most of it is noticed as increases in strength, flexibility, increased energy and a general feeling of improved wellness. I'm looking forward to seeing the gains and loses (LOL) I make in the next four weeks.

I evaluated my workout plan a little early. I plan to hit my abs and triceps hard for the next four weeks. After seeing the photos, I realize I should be working my back and abs. I will keep this in mind for next months routine and wait until I have taken photos to see what I should attack first. There is always a body part that can be improved upon. Here are links to my new upper body program, my new lower body, abs workout, and my aerobics routine. Some of the weights are missing because I've yet to do the first workout. Tomorrow after my workout I'll add the missing weights.

I went to Joann's after Weight Watchers yesterday. I got McCall's 5529, jacket with peplum. I loved this style when I was younger and I'm happy they are back in style again.

In dangerous valleys and hazardous pathways, the true neighbor will lift some bruised and beaten brother to a higher and more noble life.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
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