Sunday, June 19, 2011

I always have good intentions to blog more regularly, but, alas, I just get caught up in other things and don't get it done.  In my last post I promised a picture of the "raw materials" I was using to make a brush roll for my acrylic nail and nail art brushes.  I've been working on the brush roll and have the construction completed, but need to add a few more embellishments.

This is the "raw materials."  I got another  piece of purple fabric and used the batik fabric in the inside of the roll.  I added a nail covered with glitter to each of the ties, one in purple glitter and one in pink glitter.  There is also a pink embossed lip print on the inside flap on the left side.  I'm going to add some beads, embroider my name, and add a few other embellishments as time allows.

I'm also adding a picture of the nail polish display I made showing some of my nail polish.  I'm going to make a bigger one as soon as I can.  I'll probably use this one as a spice rack.

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Lovely blog, greeeting from Belgium