Saturday, August 19, 2006


Its been several weeks since I've posted. Classes went well for this session. I have the 4.0 that I wanted.

I haven't done much on my list of things since I started. I need to try to work on at least one list item a week. I need to feel I'm making some progress on it. I can't wait until classes are over. I wouldn't have enough time to complete it. And I am going to complete it!

I finally finished one of the books on my list. I will finish that list too, but not in the time allowed. I'll be putting a review on Amazondotcom later today. I've misplaced a couple of the books I started, so I need to find them this weekend. I'm not sure which book I'll finish next. Maybe a short one not on my list. A book by Louise Hay. I should be able to finish it today even with all the chores I have to do.

My Dad came down last weekend. We will be going out to Ponderosa for an early dinner this evening. I haven't gotten to visit with him as much as I wanted due to class. He's staying with my sister while he's here.

The past couple of weekends I've gone shopping. There is a shop called Whim-so-Doodle that sells scrapbooking supplies. I went there a couple of weekends ago. I found lots of things I can use for my altered art. I also went to Joann Fabrics and took advantage of their pattern sale last Saturday.

I want to get some new shoes next weekend. I saw a cute pair of ballerina flats in a Seventeen magazine at work. Now...I'm not sure who it belonged to, because none of us there are anywhere near the age of 17! LOL I picked it up because it has been so long since I looked at one. Besides, I like to keep up with the fashions, whether or not I can wear them. And they have such cute clothes now!!

All in all I'm really enjoying my time right now, even though it's very limited.

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